Friday, February 15, 2008

The secret is out

OK, I have never shared my "secret" for my most requested dinner entree...until now! It has been enjoyed by family members, friends and even our coast guard buddies on their going away dinners I would make for them. My most requested, and most praised entree is....pot roast via the crock pot! So I get all of the compliements with very little effort. Thought I would share the wealth with others as well.
Here it is - add one cup of white grape juice and a packet of Lipton's onion soup/dip dry mix. The soup mix can be a bit salty to those that aren't used to the flavoring...I add about half for a small roast ( 3-5lbs) and all if it is bigger. I suggest going with half the first time you serve it and then add or take away according to your family's taste preferences. The grape juice doesn't serve as a flavor enhancer, but just tenderizers the meat a bit. I add it to all of my beef or pork cuts in the crock pot...perfect for shredding meat for BBQ! I have a homemade sauce for that too that I'll have to share later on.
Although just adding those two things (I also add chunks of onion and carrots as well about halfway through cooking) there is a specific way to cook the roast. I's in a slow cooker. Put it in and leave it right? Well, I'm a stay at home mom so I have a little time around the house to tweak things! I start my roast on low heat; after about two hours I crank it up to high. Then after another two to three hours, I go back down to low heat once again. Then just cook until you reach the desired doneness that you prefer. The reason to start slow and finish slow is so it won't cook too quick all at once and dry out. It is tender and moist and trust will receive a pat on the back by the hubby!
Happy cooking!

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