Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 months

So - it's been three months and one day since THE day that saved my son's life. What has changed? Everything!
* We go to the hospital ONCE a week...not twice, not three times - ONCE. That's huge!

* Matthew is interested in food! Before, just to touch it (or sometimes SEE it) would cause him to spew. Oh yes, those were fun days... Anyway - now he is making progress of licking, tasting and taking small bites of things like apples, peanut butter crackers, potato chips, bread, cheezits and cheetos. I didn't say they were all healthy did I? I'm just going on what we got at the moment. :) He also allows me to put in small amounts of formula in his mouth through a syringe without spitting it back out! HUGE people! If he would only DRINK from a cup instead of spilling out the water to play with it...I think we would be even further on this one. ;)

* Medicines Matthew has come off since transplant - calcitriol, kayexlate, Aranesp, Epogen, ferrous sulfate, ferric pyrophosphate citrate, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, Clonidine patch, Norvasc, Labetolol, Minoxidil (Rogaine), sodium phosphate and Valcyte.

* Medicines that have lowered in amount - ditropan (weaning him off - bladder med), and predinsone (steroids)

* As of today, he is on FIVE medicines. FIVE! And in exactly three months - it will be knocked down to FOUR. FOUR!!!! Amazing!

* Matthew now has the "feel goods to be up to no good". :) He likes to rearrange my kitchen cabinet with were the canned veggies and soups are. He really likes to make beautiful artwork on my wall under my dining room bay window. And his favorite is push buttons on the remote until everything stops working and mommy has to call daddy for technology help! A close second would be turning his feed pump on and off during nap time. The little stinker has grown some and can reach more than I think he can!

* Most importantly, the last three months have helped us to realize what a blessing it is to have two healthy little boys in our lives. It has deepened our gratitude towards Marie and all she did for us by simply saying "I'd like to be tested". Amazing how ONE little sentence of five little words can really impact someone's life.
We are looking forward to a kidney reunion of sorts when Marie and her husband come to our house soon. Afterall - my son has her kidney - I can't deny her rights to visit. :) I sincerely hope we are able to do this often. So Marie can see the outcome of her gift in our lives - her gift of life. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Donor awareness month

This is the flag that flies at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta during every transplant surgery. This is the flag that flew on January 14th of this year for my son's kidney transplant. I still get choked up seeing this photo. It takes me right back to the moment, the moment life was going into my son on an operating table. All because someone was selfless enough to give the gift of life.

This April, I beg you to search your heart and talk it over with family and loved ones. Please consider being an organ donor. Research it, find out how to register for your state by visiting this site ( and give someone a second chance. If everyone had a loved one that's life was dependent on a list...we'd all be registered. Please help them. They are people (daughters, brothers, grandmothers and best friends). They are not numbers.

Give them hope - give them life. Register.

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