Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A "sense"ible post

It's easy, just list five likes and and five dislikes for each of the five senses.

likes: cookies baking, baby breath, gardenias, my hubby's aftershave, and right before the rain comes.
dislikes: poop (and the older you get the stinkier it becomes i.e. baby Matthew to daddy Ian), the outside garbage can on a hot day, a load in the wash if it was left too long (Thank the Lord for vinegar!), eggs cooking, and wet dog.

likes: caramel (preferably when mixed with chocolate), cheese (feta is my indulgence cheese), soup when I'm cold or sick, garlic (it's my all purpose spice) and bell pepper (I use it a LOT when I'm cooking and experiementing)
dislikes: Dr Pepper (I weird am I - just wait...I get weirder), OJ (not a big fruit fan to begin with), eggs of all varieties (goes along with the fact I get nauseous just smelling them), mushrooms (you go to the doctor to get RID of don't put it in your body willingly) and tea (yes, tea...all types from green to southern, which is better known as syrup for how sweet it is). Told ya I'm weird!

likes: my boys! (all three), a new mother's face as she looks at her child, the night sky, the wag of a dog's tail, our Christmas tree.
dislikes: my children in tears, a cockroach (ewww!), dirty dishes in the sink, bumper to bumper traffic and dead, brown-gray grass.

likes: giggles, fire crackling, ocean waves, drums and a new baby's cry.
dislikes: someone being sick to their stomach (I'm sure they dislike it more), the beeping of the alarm clock, "license and registration ma'am" (oh crap!), Dora's voice (she is banned from our house!), and strange night noises when I'm by myself.

likes: silk, someone brushing my hair, baby parts (all of them), my hubby's lips (but I won't go into detail) ;), a dog curled up in your lap or on your feet.
dislikes: to be tickled!, shots/injections/infusions (take a guess why), wet socks, hot sand, papercuts

The Do's and Don'ts of attending football games

Yes, I'm a girl and a football nut all in one. I was raised on the Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech and a loyal fan through and through. Yes...even through the Bill Lewis years (shudder). While at the GT/Mississippi State game this past weekend (where we handed them their own backsides) I was thinking of some of the common "errors" of fans. I thought I would share my list with you...aren't you lucky?

First off, when you force the people behind you and the people behind them and the people behind them to stand just so they can see the play. Rules for standing are as follows:
When to stand -
1.When the team is beyond the 30 yard line towards the endzone if you are on the opposite side of the 50 yard line.
2. When a Hail Mary is thrown...whether it is caught or not is irrelevant, but if it is caught you should add jumping and clapping to your standing!
3. When a runner has pushed past 10 yards and is still on his they say...he could go all the way!
4. Points - in the form of touchdowns, field goals or a safety. Get on your feet and hoot and holler loudly.
5. A loose ball or turnover. It helps to make sure the refs are making the right call knowing that the are being watched. ;)
6. Kickoffs give support to your teams special teams...pumps them up.
7. Naturally when your team enters the field at the beginning or following half some love.
8. And last but not least, for the national anthem. You're an American before you are a fan idiot! On your feet! Not from here...I don't give a horse's're here now. Show some respect you turd!

When not to stand-
1. Second down. First down - sure show support at the beginning of a play or as a congrats on getting that first and ten. Third down - on your feet for the D! Fourth down - whether you or the other team is going for need to make some noise!
2. When a player is hurt. Now's not the time to stand up and clap for the awesome tackle that left the poor guy writhing in pain.
3. When the team is playing right in front of you. If they are snapping the ball on the 28 yard line and you are sitting on the 25...I think you can see just fine.
4. During mid-play. If the ball was just is not the time to realize you need a trip to the weenie cart! You can hold off until the whistle rules the play dead...the weenies will still be there and no one will call you one!

And one final thought, be mindful of what you say. Kids are surrounding you, so keep the dirtier thoughts you are having about that ref t yourself! Also remember the players are doing the best they can. They didn't go out there with the intention of dropping that pass...and I bet they are much more mad than you are! Just have fun, enjoy friends and family and be a good sport and fan!
Go Jackets!!

Pray for the Dowells

Here's a link to an article that features friends of mine that will be going through their transplant surgery starting this morning. I'm SO excited for them. Life is about to change drastically and for the better. We have already made a pact to meet up when both of our boys are healthy post transplant. Please pray for them to have a successfull surgery and a smooth recovery. Here's the article from their local newspaper in MT:

I can't wait for our turn (hopefully starting in about 18 months!) As some of you already know...we are returning to dialysis soon after our nice month long break. Last night we tried to do too cycles to clear out his catheter...and it wouldn't go. It seems we have a clog. :( This means another surgery to replace the catheter that is already in place. Hopefully when we go on Friday to Egleston they will just be able to do a transfer set replacement instead of doing a full surgery. Please pray for that too! I'll post on little man's website this weekend about the goings on.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Where are your manners?

Yes, we are all aware that we should chew with our mouths closed, don't pick our teeth at the dinner table and please find somewhere a little more discreet to pull out the underwear that has ridden up to an unmentionable area. ;) But...were you aware that the roll of toliet paper (to be etiquettely correct - I make up words as they come to me) has a proper position on the roll. I personally thought it was awesome if my husband mangaged to just put it in the roll instead of sitting it on top of it, but actually the "miss manners" way of positioning it the toliet paper comes over the roll not under. I heard this yesterday on my way back from my son's lab draws on the radio, and it really got me thinking.
What are some other bathroom rules so we avoid other bathroom blunders...besides the ever popular "courtesy flush"? Well...I'll tell you!

At work - Do Not conduct business in the bathroom (people have enough "shit" on their minds in there...hee hee...I kill me). Do wash your hands! If you notice someone is taking a while, come's embarrassing to have your bowel movements timed. And remember, everyone is an equal in the eyes of the toliet! Boss or janitor, eventually you'll have to knock on the next stall and ask them to "spare a square".

At someone else's home - Use the fan if there is one...if not use spray or matches. If you clog fix it! If the hostess hasn't provided towels for hand-drying, then ask for some. Clean up after yourself: loose hair, snotty tissue paper and tooth paste blobs.

And in general - AIM! Close the door behind you. Pee in the toliet, not the shower (gentlemen!!), put the seat back down (gentlemen!!) and most importantly: If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I want...supposedly

Liz got me off her blog. So here I am googling my wants in life. Feel free to join in by typing in your own name/nickname into google (or any other search engine you prefer) and write down your top ten wants:

1. Karen wants to be a dog (actually, that would be the life wouldn't it?!?)
2. Karen wants to be a dinosaur (uh...not so much)
3. Karen wants to smell delicious (actually, I think that is one of my hubby's wants)
4. Karen wants to go home (already here)
5. Karen wants to know what you think (well, tell me about it)
6. Karen wants to try pizza at Olympic (I want to try pizza anywhere)
7. Karen wants to be a loyal fan (already am...GO JACKETS!)
8. Karen wants to pump milk for our baby (been there...DONE with that)
9. Karen wants to help you create the perfect body (gotta work on mine before I can help you with yours)
10. Karen wants you to look at her myspace photos (only if you have free time)

So, what do you want? ;) Actually...I DO want pizza now!

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