Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What I want...supposedly

Liz got me off her blog. So here I am googling my wants in life. Feel free to join in by typing in your own name/nickname into google (or any other search engine you prefer) and write down your top ten wants:

1. Karen wants to be a dog (actually, that would be the life wouldn't it?!?)
2. Karen wants to be a dinosaur (uh...not so much)
3. Karen wants to smell delicious (actually, I think that is one of my hubby's wants)
4. Karen wants to go home (already here)
5. Karen wants to know what you think (well, tell me about it)
6. Karen wants to try pizza at Olympic (I want to try pizza anywhere)
7. Karen wants to be a loyal fan (already am...GO JACKETS!)
8. Karen wants to pump milk for our baby (been there...DONE with that)
9. Karen wants to help you create the perfect body (gotta work on mine before I can help you with yours)
10. Karen wants you to look at her myspace photos (only if you have free time)

So, what do you want? ;) Actually...I DO want pizza now!


Susie said...

LOL, Karen! These are GREAT! I would love to see your MySpace photos. :o)

And we can work on getting our bodies in shape together...I'm sure my stretched out tummy area will need some attention in a few weeks. *wink*

carebear said...

Bet you didn't think I really had one huh? ;)

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