Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A "sense"ible post

It's easy, just list five likes and and five dislikes for each of the five senses.

likes: cookies baking, baby breath, gardenias, my hubby's aftershave, and right before the rain comes.
dislikes: poop (and the older you get the stinkier it becomes i.e. baby Matthew to daddy Ian), the outside garbage can on a hot day, a load in the wash if it was left too long (Thank the Lord for vinegar!), eggs cooking, and wet dog.

likes: caramel (preferably when mixed with chocolate), cheese (feta is my indulgence cheese), soup when I'm cold or sick, garlic (it's my all purpose spice) and bell pepper (I use it a LOT when I'm cooking and experiementing)
dislikes: Dr Pepper (I weird am I - just wait...I get weirder), OJ (not a big fruit fan to begin with), eggs of all varieties (goes along with the fact I get nauseous just smelling them), mushrooms (you go to the doctor to get RID of don't put it in your body willingly) and tea (yes, tea...all types from green to southern, which is better known as syrup for how sweet it is). Told ya I'm weird!

likes: my boys! (all three), a new mother's face as she looks at her child, the night sky, the wag of a dog's tail, our Christmas tree.
dislikes: my children in tears, a cockroach (ewww!), dirty dishes in the sink, bumper to bumper traffic and dead, brown-gray grass.

likes: giggles, fire crackling, ocean waves, drums and a new baby's cry.
dislikes: someone being sick to their stomach (I'm sure they dislike it more), the beeping of the alarm clock, "license and registration ma'am" (oh crap!), Dora's voice (she is banned from our house!), and strange night noises when I'm by myself.

likes: silk, someone brushing my hair, baby parts (all of them), my hubby's lips (but I won't go into detail) ;), a dog curled up in your lap or on your feet.
dislikes: to be tickled!, shots/injections/infusions (take a guess why), wet socks, hot sand, papercuts

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babyfordawn1983 said...

LOL! You know what's funny? Dora is banned from my house too! I can't stand her voice. I feel you on the hot sand and cockroachs! YUCK!

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