Thursday, November 27, 2008

AJC article

I can't take credit for this article. It is an annual Thanksgiving piece that the Atlanta Journal and Constitution does every year. It always helps to make the Tech/UGA fans smile around each other...for just a minute at least. Most will not understand this, but those that do will undoubtedly get a chuckle. Enjoy! Go Jackets! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Field Guide for Tech, UGA fans
By Mark Bradley Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 01:01 PM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
I’m asking: What would Thanksgiving be without the annual Field Guide to Tech fans and Georgia fans to make each side fling a gravy boat in anger? Less fun, I’d submit, and not nearly as messy. Napkins at the ready, here we go:
• Tech fans believe Jonathan Dwyer will be their version of drought-breaker Theron Sapp. Georgia fans feel like saps for making hotel reservations in Miami.
• Georgia fans giggle over Tech’s conference. Tech fans giggle over Georgia’s curriculum.
• Tech fans wonder where Mark Richt gets his tan. Georgia fans wonder where Paul Johnson gets his gall.
• Georgia fans screamed when Knowshon Moreno jumped over that Chippewa. Tech fans screamed when they heard Florida had scored again. (And again … and again …)
• Tech fans will welcome Urban Meyer’s volleyball-playing daughter to their campus. Georgia fans figure she’ll fit right in.
• Georgia fans built a Web site imploring Moreno and Matthew Stafford to stay. Tech fans are hacking into it as we speak.
• Tech fans are wild about Johnson’s Perfect Option. Georgia fans believe the perfect option would be for Willie Martinez to resign.
• Georgia fans consider Tech’s calculus requirement a bunch of hooey. Tech fans contend they need advanced math to keep track of all the Bulldogs who’ve been arrested.
• Tech fans think it’s hilarious that Georgia gets flagged for so many penalties. Georgia fans think it’s criminal that Rogers Redding, the SEC’s head of officiating, is a Tech grad.
• The Georgia fan’s lowest moment of the season: “Timeout, Florida.” The Tech fan’s lowest moment of the season: Gardner-Webb.
• Tech fans know their A-backs usually go in motion. Georgia fans wonder where their team’s “A” game went.
• Georgia fans were crushed when their latest Blackout flopped. Tech fans see color-coordinated crowds as gauche — even when it’s their school doing it.
• Tech fans can be a little snooty. Georgia fans can be a little obvious.
• Georgia fans always take note of the empty seats in Bobby Dodd Stadium. Tech fans always take note of the empty bottles outside Sanford Stadium.
• Tech fans don’t mind that Johnson’s offense makes him old-school. Georgia fans worry that Richt’s sunglasses make him look too cool.
• Georgia fans don’t know what to do with all the preseason magazines they bought that proclaimed the Bulldogs No. 1. Tech fans would be glad to offer a suggestion.
• Tech fans appreciated Michael Johnson leading cheers via the Bobby Dodd message board. Georgia fans did not appreciate Alabama affixing 31 first-half points to the Sanford scoreboard.
• Georgia fans will arrive early Saturday for the dedication of Vince Dooley’s statue. Tech fan Taz Anderson is ready to erect a downtown tower honoring Dan Radakovich, the man who canned Chan Gailey.
• Item of clothing no Tech fan would ever wear: A Reggie Ball jersey. Item of clothing no Georgia fan would ever wear: Jean shorts.
• Georgia fans are mad at some AJC guy named Mark Bradley for touting the Bulldogs too highly. Tech fans pretty much stay mad at yours truly, whom they long ago renamed “Bark Madly.” (FYI, Mr. Madly still thinks the Bulldogs will win. If you’re a Georgia fan, you should be very afraid.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my sister

I'm off in a couple of days, for a couple of days, to see my "sister". She is a sister by bond, not blood...which actually I think makes the love stronger because it was by choice (and not just your parents feeling horny)! I haven't seen her since Dec 2006 when William was 10 months old. I miss her SO much! We still talk every day on the phone and by email as well...and myspace and facebook and shutterfly and our personal websites. But it's just not the same as in person.
As I was leaving my active duty military wife persona behind, she was just jumping in with both feet. Her hubby is in the airforce and they are stationed just outside of Shreveport LA. So, that is were I am heading. That is pretty neat in itself. I've been all the way up north into Canada and all the way south to Miami, but never been further west than Montgomery or Birmingham AL...don't have a map in front of me, so I'm not sure which is further out! I get to see the mighty Mississippi!! Exciting...I love to sight see.
My little sis is a remarkable woman, not only does she have great instincts (she introduced me to my husband), she has a great heart and is an all around great friend! She never lets the little things go by. Even if it is just a call to say I'm thinking of you when I was going through the torture of all of my taps and infusions (see blog from last March through May) or sending books to my older son for Christmas or his birthday. She makes a mean lasagna and we wear the same size clothes which is great for borrowing for those special occasions.
We've only "known" each other for about 10 years, but it seems like she's been part of my life forever and always will be. I just can't contain my excitement of seeing her and her little (big) pregnant body! This is the BEST part...she is pregnant with TWINS! Twin boys!! How exciting for her. She is gaining and growing and working full time and doesn't complain...which is more than can be said for MANY pregnant women out there. She's a tough cookie that has had her share of heartache, but has always bounced back stronger and with more determination to see things through.
I'll be on my way in less than 48 hours...EEEEEEEEEEEE...I can't wait!
This is us when we were youngin's in college.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Too early?

One of the house two streets up from ours is decorated for Christmas, lit tree in window and all. Usually this just peeves me off, but for some reason I find myself smiling when I pass it. I am ready for Christmas this year. Not REALLY ready, NO presents have been bought at all and the house needs a thorough cleaning before I get more dust every from boxes that haven't been opened in nearly a year. I'm just ready for the season, the reason and the magic of it all!
At our wedding (Dec 27th), Fr Harrison told us that Christmas time was a magical time. I haven't felt that magic in awhile, and I am determined to this year. Christmas for the past three/four years has been more headache and hassle than anything. Traveling 8 hours with a dog, baby/toddler, presents, suitcases and NO room always made us wonder why we bothered towards the end of our trip. If people want to see us, let them get off their lazy butts and drive up for once you know. (but that's another blog entirely) This year, we are already here. We will be doing Christmas morning at OUR house for the first time and all family is invited if they so wish. I will be serving brunch.
We will naturally do Christmas dinner at each of our parents' homes both on Christmas Eve and Christmas day as usual though, but this time I get to bring food too. I've always felt bad for not contributing to the feast and have wanted to share my own culinary skills (however limited) with the family too. This year I get too. Yay for me. (I'm one of those weird people that LOVE to cook).
William has been listening to us when we talk about Santa and knows he brings presents. Matthew is alert and giggly, and I can't wait to see his reaction to the Christmas tree. Downey is...Downey, but she's great at warming your feet on cold winter nights. ;) I'm just so excited to see Christmas through my sons' eyes. The newness for one and the excitement for the other. Enter magic!

Friday, November 7, 2008

yellow jackets

Has anyone else noticed the abundance of yellow jackets still out this year. I thought by November they surely would have started hibernating. Granted it hasn't dropped below freezing yet, but it is chilly in the mornings. Hopefully, this is a promising sign of things to come.


Go Jackets. One win away from the ACC title championship game. I have faith and pride!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just one thought

then I'm through with the subject. I didn't stay up on election night to see the speeches made by either candidate. At 11pm eastern time, it was all but decided and I went to bed knowing I had to get up with two handfulls early in the morning. So yesterday, I downloaded Obama's speech. Everyone was talking about how well it was delivered and how beautiful it was. It was a nice speech; Obama does have a way with words for sure!
But actually it was a few words that were left out that have me the most worried...he NEVER thanked God! Now rappers winning awards for songs about killing cops and greed/fame obsessed sports "stars" thank God on tv all the time. And that is just for "trophies" they put on a shelf in their home. This guy is going to the big WHITE home on Pennsylvania Ave. He thinked his family and even his strategist...but not God? He gave the required "God bless America" ending, but not the I want to think my heavenly Father beginning? He just won the most powerful earthly seat in America, in fact in most of the world. He broke boundaries and stereotypes to become the first black President after running a historical race where color and gender were finally seen as non-issues.
I thank God everyday for letting me get up in the mornings and see the smiles on my sons' faces or that I got the dog outside in time when she made her "pukey face" (yes, she has a pukey face to warn us). He did mention that some people would not like everything he does...that will be the understatement of the his term. I will thank God for him however and pray he leads us with hope, morals and justice.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall photos

William and I took the opportunity to play in the back yard with Downey while Matthew was snoozing in his swing and I just happened to look around for the first time in a LONG time. My mind is finally coming back to me after weeks of stress and strain. I'm finally able to recognize beauty outside of my sons again. So I ran in (gave a quick peck on the cheek to a slumbering infant) and grabbed my camera. Just had to share a couple of pics of our backyard wearing a fabulous shade of autumn. :)

Looking up from our woods to the sky:

tree tops

My favorite color for trees:


Happy Fall ya'll!

still alive!

I know...I know...I went MIA for a while, but hopefully I'm back for more regular postings soon. Out of the 31 days of October, 21 of them were spent at Egleston's Children's Hospital in Atlanta for three different surgeries. But we are home, playing and growing now, so all is happy in my little world! And this weekend was made even happier when Georgia Tech won a nailbiter of a game against FSU and the puppies from Athens got their tails handed to them by some Gators. :) Just had to throw that little tidbit in for good measure!

Autumn has finally arrived in Hotlanta! The past two weeks, I actually had to turn the heat on at night when it would dip into the upper 40's some nights. Other nights we mistakenly left the windows up since it's been in the upper 70's during the day, well when 6:30am rolls around for Ian to wake's a mighty rude awakening. Being in the 50's outside drops the inside of the house into the mid 60's. The kids and I were bundled up in sweatshirts for a good hour while the heater caught up once I turned it on. But I love the weather and the show outside along the roads.

Matthew and I were heading up from our labs at Scottish Rite late this morning and I had to stop along side the road our neighborhood is off of (Hwy 20 in North Ga). It's a crappy pic because it was taken by camera phone, but here it is:


Today is election day. I'll be voting once Ian gets home and dinner is made. I'll be one of the stragglers that the polling places hate I'm sure since they are ready to close up and go home after a long day. I know who I favor and would like to see as the next president, but I don't know if America is ready to agree or not. It seems people have a bad taste in their mouths for Republicans at the moment, whether you are actually affliated with the party or not. Kind of like the Clinton era. Gore probably would have won the presidency if people weren't sick of the lies and immoral behaviors that were unfortunately part of the administration. I have a feeling that with the economy, war and just being 8 years...America is ready for a change.

I have prayed on this, even when driving home from the hospital this morning. Just because I think I know who is right for this country and helping her to turn back to her values that everyone has completely forgotten. But maybe God has other things in mind. Maybe it is His plan to let this nation under God hit (Barak) bottom and people will realize how much we still need Him. Can't rely on the government for our spiritual well being, though it seems they think they are the only ones capable of "saving" us. I pray God will guide our country with whichever president He sees is best for us at this time. Time will tell us of His plans, for now I'll just sit back, bite my tongue when I feel obsenities starting to rise out, and wait to see what He has in store.

Go vote for whoever you believe in even if it is the odd man out Nadar! Just do your duty as a citizen today. God will always watch over us, no matter which man sits in a oval room!

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