Thursday, November 13, 2008

Too early?

One of the house two streets up from ours is decorated for Christmas, lit tree in window and all. Usually this just peeves me off, but for some reason I find myself smiling when I pass it. I am ready for Christmas this year. Not REALLY ready, NO presents have been bought at all and the house needs a thorough cleaning before I get more dust every from boxes that haven't been opened in nearly a year. I'm just ready for the season, the reason and the magic of it all!
At our wedding (Dec 27th), Fr Harrison told us that Christmas time was a magical time. I haven't felt that magic in awhile, and I am determined to this year. Christmas for the past three/four years has been more headache and hassle than anything. Traveling 8 hours with a dog, baby/toddler, presents, suitcases and NO room always made us wonder why we bothered towards the end of our trip. If people want to see us, let them get off their lazy butts and drive up for once you know. (but that's another blog entirely) This year, we are already here. We will be doing Christmas morning at OUR house for the first time and all family is invited if they so wish. I will be serving brunch.
We will naturally do Christmas dinner at each of our parents' homes both on Christmas Eve and Christmas day as usual though, but this time I get to bring food too. I've always felt bad for not contributing to the feast and have wanted to share my own culinary skills (however limited) with the family too. This year I get too. Yay for me. (I'm one of those weird people that LOVE to cook).
William has been listening to us when we talk about Santa and knows he brings presents. Matthew is alert and giggly, and I can't wait to see his reaction to the Christmas tree. Downey is...Downey, but she's great at warming your feet on cold winter nights. ;) I'm just so excited to see Christmas through my sons' eyes. The newness for one and the excitement for the other. Enter magic!

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Jenn said...

I'm with you! :) I'm ready for the excitement of the girls. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I just love the feeling around Christmas! :)
There is a house a few blocks over that already is lit up. It irritated me driving home last night seeing it.
I can't do anything for Christmas as far as decor goes until after Thanksgiving.
It's just like people are skipping over Thanksgiving seeing Christmas things so soon. Part of my annoyance is from working retail for years seeing things come up in the store so soon!

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