Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just one thought

then I'm through with the subject. I didn't stay up on election night to see the speeches made by either candidate. At 11pm eastern time, it was all but decided and I went to bed knowing I had to get up with two handfulls early in the morning. So yesterday, I downloaded Obama's speech. Everyone was talking about how well it was delivered and how beautiful it was. It was a nice speech; Obama does have a way with words for sure!
But actually it was a few words that were left out that have me the most worried...he NEVER thanked God! Now rappers winning awards for songs about killing cops and greed/fame obsessed sports "stars" thank God on tv all the time. And that is just for "trophies" they put on a shelf in their home. This guy is going to the big WHITE home on Pennsylvania Ave. He thinked his family and even his strategist...but not God? He gave the required "God bless America" ending, but not the I want to think my heavenly Father beginning? He just won the most powerful earthly seat in America, in fact in most of the world. He broke boundaries and stereotypes to become the first black President after running a historical race where color and gender were finally seen as non-issues.
I thank God everyday for letting me get up in the mornings and see the smiles on my sons' faces or that I got the dog outside in time when she made her "pukey face" (yes, she has a pukey face to warn us). He did mention that some people would not like everything he does...that will be the understatement of the his term. I will thank God for him however and pray he leads us with hope, morals and justice.


Randi Jo :) said...

WOW Carebear. Thank you for sharing this.

He obviously just didn't 'forget' either because he NEVER talks outside of his predetermined speech via teleprompter/script.

God bless him. God bless America

Randi Jo :) said...

** sorry I don't think my point was clear ---- my point was that it wasn't like he was just so overwhelmed so he forgot --- because it obviously wasn't written on paper/teleprompter or he would have read that. he speaks directly from it... and wouldn't have glazed over it, if it was there.

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