Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall photos

William and I took the opportunity to play in the back yard with Downey while Matthew was snoozing in his swing and I just happened to look around for the first time in a LONG time. My mind is finally coming back to me after weeks of stress and strain. I'm finally able to recognize beauty outside of my sons again. So I ran in (gave a quick peck on the cheek to a slumbering infant) and grabbed my camera. Just had to share a couple of pics of our backyard wearing a fabulous shade of autumn. :)

Looking up from our woods to the sky:

tree tops

My favorite color for trees:


Happy Fall ya'll!


Amy said...

OMG, those photos are beautiful!!! I am so glad you posted them.

Susie said...

Breath-taking and beautiful!!! I love the fall -- the colors and the smells. And I'm so glad to read that you're able to enjoy it finally! :o) Woo-hooooo! Praise God for His goodness!

Kiss those two sweet boys for us! And post a new pic of them SOON! :o)

carebear said...

I know I need to post pics, both on here and on his website. That will be my goal for this week.:)

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