Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well, I can't title it update since it's been well over a month since the last time I put anything in here. Whoopsies! What can I say except my standard pathetic excuse of "it's been busy"! Just after I posted on here, Matthew had his 6 month biopsy. The results came back that he was in rejection. Needless to say, mommy had a wee bit of a melt down and we had to go to the hospital daily for IV steriod therapy. THAT made him pleasant let me tell you! Turning two (which is always a fun age) combined with "roid rage" - oh it was a blast! ;) But it did the trick! Our repeat biopsy was one day before my 31st (mumbling obscenities under my breath) birthday. I got a WONDERFUL present of knowing that for the first time, both of my boys were as healthy as they will ever be! Yes - a great birthday!!
Shortly after, Ian had to leave to go clean up BP's mistakes. He travels from New Orleans to Hopedale to Venice daily to oversee the clean up and make sure it is being done right and not just "swept under the rug" or sand dunes as it may be! We miss him, but as William says, someone has to help the sick fish. ;) Sweet little boy! At least this will be experience on his resume. He would love to get into the EPA next, once promotion in the GA DNR becomes stagnant. Daddy will be home just in time for Halloween - so that will make trick or treating much sweeter. :) Especially since Matthew didn't get to go last year when his blood pressure was acting up and he was in patient for a new hemo line.
We just got word that Ian's grandfather's cancer has returned. He will be going to Emory next week for a consult and see what (if anything) can be done. At least he will be at Emory. I do trust them better than most hospitals. I'm praying that Ian gets home in time to see his grandfather before he gets too sick. Ian idolizes him. So, we are asking for prayers that he pulls through once again.
Well, my alarm (Matthew) just went off - so back on duty I go. Sorry for the short re-cap. Like I said - always busy.
I'll get better - promise. Have a wonderful weekend!

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