Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where were you?

Got this from Liz's blog. Where were you?

1) John F. Kennedy was shot? (11/22/1963)

I was still in my mother's ovaries.

2) Mt. St. Helens exploded? (5/18/1980)

Just learning to real memory of this. ;)

3) The Challenger exploded? (1/28/1986)

I was in 1st grade and remember how upset the teachers were, but I don't think I really understood what was going on. I just remember the reactions from others.

4) The 7.1 earthquake hit San Francisco? (10/07/1989)

I was at home watching the San Francisco Giants play (either the playoffs or world series??) with my dad...saw it happen. I still can picture the crack in the stadium.

5) The Berlin Wall Fell? (11/07/1989)

5th grade, Mrs Ward-Bogle's class...we talked it about a LOT for the whole week.

6) The Gulf War began? (01/16/1991)

6th grade. I wrote a book of patriot poems for young author's fair and won honorable mention in the county.

7) OJ Simpson was chased in his White Bronco? (06/17/1994)

We were on vacation to Destin Fl for some beach fun. I was almost 15 and didn't give a crap about O.J. at the time.

8) The Afred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed? (04/19/1995)

This happened during my sophmore year, I was at dance/color guard tryout and didn't know it happened until my boyfriend came and got me after practice.

9) Princess Di was killed? (08/31/1997)

I was at Callaway Gardens with my parents, grandparents and my friend Janet. We were up late playing Scattegories and Taboo. We heard when it first happened and thought it was a mistake. I was starting my freshman year of college the next week.

10) Bush was first announced president? (11/07/2000)

I went to bed after it was "first" announced. This was the first presidential election I had voted in so I was excited. I decided to never move to Florida.

11) Terrorists destroyed the WTC? (09/11/2001)

I was in my vertebrate zoology class when it actually happened, but then crossed campus to start my shift at the Teacher Resource and Activity Center in Kennesaw Hall. Everyone had the radio on. I had an hour before my shift started, so I along with some friends ran over to the student center to watch it on tv. We watched as the towers crumbled and many people were crying. The college shut down at noon, as did most campuses in and near Atlanta. The CDC was considered a prime target and most people in that area were evacuated! Ian was at University of West Fla in his marine bio program and I missed him so much that day...and many days after.

12) Columbia disintegrated during re-entry over Texas? (02/01/2003)

I remember feeling SO sad about this. Didn't help that I was an emotional mess! Ian and I had just gotten married 4.5 weeks before and he was leaving in 1.5 weeks to go to bootcamp! I talked about the physics of the explosion in my physical science class that I taught at Cherokee High...the kids really wanted to talk about it.

Where were you? Make your own post to tell where you were.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

would you rather (pt 2) read the first one first!


Cell phone or internet?
As much as I hate to admit it...I guess cell phone. Even though I value real conversations over email any day...I know more people's email/facebook/myspace than phone numbers. We can share pictures along with news and video things to show each other by way of youtube. Yep, internet all the way.

Kids or parents?
Well, already done the kids one. Just last week...mommy and daddy were "wrestling" - helps he is a wrestling coach! I think parents are more embarrassed when they see the kids and parents are more embarrassed when they are seen by the kids. So either way, being a parent you get screwed...maybe literally HA! Anywhoo...

With or without your favorite food?
I would eat the same exact thing everyday for a month. Yes it's boring and I would be begging for something different in about 5 days, but at least I wouldn't be denied the foods I love. I eat salad everyday already. I pretty much have the same snacks, one mid morning and one after dinner. So even though it would be boring, at least I wouldn't be miserable and longing for just one bite!!

Cartoons, news or soaps? I actually have a choice! I don't trust the tv as a babysitter when I'm cooking or in the shower if something other than cartoons are on. My son is a sponge and I would fear the words that would come out of his mouth in front of his grandmother! I honestly tune most of it out anyway. When he is down for a nap and I can actually turn it to something more stimulating than Blue's Clues or Handy Manny...I zone out on the computer, take time to eat a meal or am busy with the other one.

Speak or hear?
I can't imagine going through life without hearing William say I love you sooo much mommy, or hearing Matthew's gruff belly laugh (I swear his voice will be deeper than James Earl Jones - he'll be Darth Vader if the saga continues into his adolescence) I love dancing to the beat of music and hearing fire crackle. I love the purr of a cat and rain on the roof. Communication comes in many forms than just words...I'd get by.

Would you rather...

Just sitting here in a (for once) quiet house. Sometimes that's good...sometimes that's bad...sometimes this happens - I think of really weird things. Feel free to answer in your mind or on your blog. I'll answer mine in a separate blog so you can think of yours without my answer to persuade you or turn your thoughts.

Would you rather:

Go a year without your cell phone or without internet?

Your kids walk in on you having sex or your parents?

Eat the same thing every day for a month or go a month without your favorite snack?

Your tv be stuck on cartoons, news or soaps for the day?

Lose your ability to speak or to hear?

Happy Wednesday

Thursday, January 22, 2009

One of those days...

It started last night...with the damn feeding tube pump! I have a love/hate relationship with that thing. I love how it is making my son plumper by the day so that we keep inching closer to transplant, but I hate how I have to get up three times a night with it to fill it up and change out formula. However last night, one of several kinks that can happen...did. After a successful two hour run, the machine becomes possessed. Every three minutes he starts beeping and alarming that their is a clog somewhere. I unhook it and look through the lines, press the buttons and have it run some formula out, flush my son's tube that is in him to make sure he is clear, and plug everything back up. It keeps doing it! For an hour! I finally give up in a fit of tears, turn it off and throw it in the garbage. Mature? No. Satisfying? Yes!
Since Ian was out until 11:30pm with wrestling, I had told William that he would have to wait to see daddy in the morning. Well, at 4:30am..."is it morning yet mommy?". bed he comes to snuggle us. We allow this in the morning while Ian is getting ready, but since William will not see Ian again until Sunday evening (if he makes it home in time from Savannah)we let him climb in anyway. But that means mommy (and William) didn't get any more sleep. Which makes for a fun morning.
Especially with a baby screaming due to an unusually empty tummy. A dog that decides to take a crap on my deck ( least it wasn't it the house)and a toddler that would test the patience of Jesus Himself! Here are some ways that William was "helpful" this morning: he poured himself a cup of milk from the half full gallon...that is now only 1/4 full, he gave Downey a hair cut luckily just on her tail, he minded mommy when I asked him to come here NOW by jumping off the back of the couch and into the wall...I'm still looking for signs of a concussion.
But to make it all better before we had a lunch of loaded potato skins and salad...we jammed out. William passed me the potato peeler, he took the cheese grater and a spoon and Matthew got a beater from the mixer while he was in his exersaucer. William said "hit it" and we all rocked it out. It was good. They are in bed napping. And mommy has another fun memory tucked away. But I'm still anxiously looking forward to tucking in for the night!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pride and sadness

It is done. Wow, how far has America come in such a short time? Congratulations to President Obama, my prayers are with you and your family and America during this time of change. I fully expect you to walk the walk now that all the talking is done. I hope you can unify the country and make the American name said with pride (though the pride never left my heart...wonder why it did for so many others?)
However, I'm sad. I'm always kind of sad at the end of something...even New Year's eve...I just get a little said and lost in my memories. I don't know if that is unique to me, but that's what happens.
I'm sad that now the president, his family and members of his security detail will have to really step up in the event of some lunatic "on a mission". I know EVERY president has to worry about that, but being the first of anything (black, woman,Jewish) is always hard. I pray for his safety.
I'm sad that this current president does not hold values on life as I do. I fear for the unborn babies and the ill-informed mothers and fathers. I speak from a personal experience when I was told to abort my child, my life, my Matthew at the age of 18 weeks gestation. I was told he wouldn't feel a thing. He's "not all there" yet. He's still a fetus, not a baby. All the same reasons mothers are given when they feel hesitation. But two days after I was told all that, a needle was inserted into my son for a bladder tap. He pulled away from the needle and startled when it went in...he felt it. During the next week, he played with the bubbles during his first infusion...he was "all there". And though technically he was considered a fetus, he was MY baby. I wish the new president could have experienced Matthew's statistically defied miracle of making it to this world and being a happy, growing baby.
I'm sad that many people have not stopped to say thank you to George Bush...whether you like him or not...he did a fine job of making sure no more attacks occurred on American soil. Thank you for making me feel safe in my home. Thank you for outwardly being a man with christian morals. Thank you for holding bible study on Thrusday in the oval office and saying prayers for my Matthew. (and thank you so much for Liz and Dave, the wonderful people who introduced Matthew to the former president) XOXO And thank you for actually remembering him and asking how he was doing. Why do these stories never get published! I'll be eternally grateful of this man, in the highest ranking office in pretty much the world, praying for my son's well being. Hugs to him and prays for his well being as well.
I have hope that America can erase the division that had so prominently been shown these past four years. I pray that America will grow to be the power house of good fortune and good values. I wish everyone well in our new journey we are participating in.
As I type this, it is snowing again...cleansing...peaceful...promising.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Year in review

Alright, I'm a few days late...story of my life it seems, but I wanted to recap the moments (both good and bad) of the year. I've seen everyone else doing it and just wanted to for my own memory's sake as well, because Lord knows that part of my body is already failing. (example - went to grab food at Moe's Southwest Grill yesterday evening...forgot to grab food for William!)Oops...
Here's our choatic life in 2008, full of extremes (happiness, sadness, fear and celebration)

January -
We headed back to Wilmington NC after getting our offer for a new house accepted. Begin repacking for yet another move. My dearest friend Audrey learns that her pregnancy had stopped progressing and is scheduled for a D & C. I was informed that "something" was "off" in my ultrasound. We would need to get it re-checked at 16 weeks. Ian, William and I make a goal of visiting all the small/non-chain restaurants in Wilmington that we can't eat at anywhere else. Say our good-byes to all of our mommy and coastie friends with sniffs and hugs.

February -
Ian's last day of work is this month and he takes off 10 days to help with the packing and sorting since I'm preggo. William and I come down to Atlanta a week early with Downey dog, while Ian stays to drive the u-haul and do the heavy moving with his dad and cousin. I start planning William's second birthday party with my mom. We spend our first night in our new home on February 17th. February 18th Ian and I head out to our first appointment with our OB in Cartersville. We recieve the shock of our life! This was followed by a week of tears, uncertainty, specialists telling us to abort and finally acceptance that the decision wasn't in anyone's hand other than God's. We had our first tap to drain off the accumulated fluid. We celebrated William's second birthday, Lighting McQueen style. William saw his first snow flurries.

March -
We got the karyotype back for our second baby and found out we were having a "genetically" healthy baby boy! We named him Matthew. We had two stents put in place. Those didn't feel so good, but the fluid and baby movements afterward felt GREAT! William had SO much fun hunting eggs for Easter. Last year he didn't get it, but this year...he was very competitive about it! He wanted the most eggs, especially since candy was inside. ;) Ian turned down the job we moved back to GA for. It required 75% travel and we just couldn't do that with my on bedrest during the high risk pregnancy. I became REALLY thankful of my penny pinching ways from before I was married. We used my "emergency backup" bank account. Allowing Ian to stay home the duration of the pregnancy and through the NICU stay too.

April -
Two more stents are placed, I was getting less amused and more bruised on my belly. I finally feel confident enough to order Matthew's nursery set. Moo Moo baby from Amazon if you want to look at it. We change William over to a toddler/day bed. He changes with no problems from the transition. We breathe a sign of relief that one son is cooperating. ;)

May -
The docs say it is too risky for me to continue with all the fetal surgeries since my uterus is growing "irritable" was my personality too. ;) We commence with abdomen taps to drain off fluid from Matthew once a week and do amnio-infusions once a week for me for the first part of the month. With the surgeries on hold, I'm finally allowed out of bed for a total of two days each week, at the beginning of the month at least. We go to the zoo (me being pushed in a wheel chair...which is the WAY to see a zoo!) with my parents for Mother's day and I cook for both sets of moms. William LOVED the Atlanta zoo! After mother's day we head to the high risk docs for a tap and infusion. NO fluid pockets, I have a four night stay over at Northside with wonderful nightly steriod shots in the hip. Ouch! My surgeon works a miracle and manages to make his own pocket, I get dischared!! I snuggle a whole bunch with William to make up for the four nights with out him. My brother and his wife announce their pregnancy. We meet with the urologist that will do Matthew's PUV. I loose my mucus plus and scare the $hit right out of my mother...ok...and me too. ;)

June -
Matthew arrives and we are told he is in complete renal failure. Here's the link for his birth story (and entire pregnancy actually)
My friend Audrey announces she is pregnant again. We get to become pro's at the NICU and I make it my mission to welcome the "new" parents of our next door neighbor babies. After many talks, Ian and I decide it is time to start the job hunt for him again. He decides to give teaching a try, since I LOVED it and it is flexible with holidays, sick leave and he can do his reserve duty in the summer. I have two bouts of mastitis...that makes pumping even more fun for me! We have a very low key Father's day, Ian spends the day with William and the evening with Matthew. Ian's birthday is celebrated at Olive Garden with the family.

July -
Audrey finds out she is having twins! William finds out how much fun it is to swim at Aunt Jennifer's pool. Ian and I are able to finally have a free moment alone together at the Woodstock 4th of July fireworks. Matthew has his first infection, group B strep late onset. I have my third case of mastitis, finally throwing in the towel with breastfeeding, but not until I get to nurse Matthew a few times at the NICU. We start our training for home peritoneal dialysis (PD) for Matthew. Matthew is discharged from the NICU and transported to Egleston. The promised NICU rollercoaster rears it's Egleston's 6th floor transplant and dialysis floor.

August -
My due date and birthday are the same day and I have Matthew home with me! We show Matthew off to the family that didn't make it to the NICU or Egleston. William LOVES having his brother home and dotes over him all the time. Back into the hospital a few times and finally get a vesicostomy and our electrolytes back to "normal" or at least more manageable. Matthew comes off PD, switching from dialysis clinic to chronic kidney clinic. We grow to love "Aunt Mary" our nurse. William rushes to get me every time Matthew cries and learns the fine art of giving a pacifier as the bottle warms up. :)

Football season starts! I'm there on opening day at Bobby Dodd Stadium for the Yellow Jacket kickoff...the first time in four years. It was good to be back! Matthew is hospitalized some more for electrolyte imbalances, mainly potassium issues. We have many impromptu clinic visits due to his rising creatinine. Everytime we are told...well, he doesn't look/act sick huh? NOPE! I got a stomach bug that was SO violent I just knew it was food poisoning, until Matthew came down with it too. William helped his cousin celebrate her third birthday.

Hell month! We spent 21 out of 31 days in the hospital. Matthew had to go back on PD. We had two revision surgeries for his clotted catheter, with no luck and many boo boo's on his belly. Later that month we our back for our third surgery with a port placed (after mommy demands one) and a g-tube placed (also mommy's request). On the day of discharge, the tube gets pulled out...prolonging Matthew's arrival home and fraying my already frazzled nerves. William got excited about Halloween and picked out his costume while on a shopping trip with grandma. He went as Nemo, and it was so cute seeing his little tail fin wiggle. :) Matthew was dressed in a candy corn outfit. I went as a tired mother and didn't need to pay for a costume. ;)

November -
Relatively mild month all in all. With PD not being an option and Matthew too little for hemo yet, it was just a wait and see as his levels kept getting higher and higher. He tolerated it well through out! My previous thoughts on food poisoning finally rang more Zaxby's friend chicken salad for me! It tasted funny and yet I kept on stupid was that? Matthew started RSV shots for cold and flu season. I journeyed 10 hours to Shreveport LA to stay with my "sister" Audrey and help her out before the twins arrived. We got the nursery unpacked and rearranged and went a bought the necessities that you don't get from friends at showers. We also managed to find time to eat out and go to the movies too. I arrived home just in time to get ready for our three Thanksgiving dinners. Of course the highlight came when Tech beat up on UGA. :)William learned that he now has "chores" in the evenings.

Got the news that with a creatinine of 7.1, BUN of 110 and only the age of 6 was time to start hemo. In for another surgery.Matthew got lots of presents from Egleston Santa! Got the house all decked out for Christmas. Documented Ian putting lights up on the roof...for life insurance purposes if something happened. ;) Enjoyed four Christmas celebrations, including the brunch at our house. William was hilarious. After every gift, he wanted to open and play with that one...nevermind that he still had presents to open. It prolonged Christmas morning which was nice. We had Christmases( is that a word?) in one day...whew! Audrey welcomed her two sons, my nephews into the world!! YAY! My dear husband (of five years) planned a wonderful night away for us. We went to dinner at Blackstone's fine dining (different from where we originally planned because you just can't take kids to fine dining!) and then a night at the Sheraton Suites at the Cobb Galleria. We slept!! AWESOME! We spent most of our free time with family and just hanging out together.

It was definitely a year of extreme highs and lows, but through it all I feel very blessed. I have an awesome, healthy (and quite cute if I may add) nearly three year old little boy. He learns so much, so fast and just amazes me daily. I have another awesome, cute (yet not so healthy) little baby boy that amazes everyone daily. I'm so thankful to have been given the chance to be both of their mother's...though somedays I'm more thankful than others. ;)

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