Wednesday, January 28, 2009

would you rather (pt 2) read the first one first!


Cell phone or internet?
As much as I hate to admit it...I guess cell phone. Even though I value real conversations over email any day...I know more people's email/facebook/myspace than phone numbers. We can share pictures along with news and video things to show each other by way of youtube. Yep, internet all the way.

Kids or parents?
Well, already done the kids one. Just last week...mommy and daddy were "wrestling" - helps he is a wrestling coach! I think parents are more embarrassed when they see the kids and parents are more embarrassed when they are seen by the kids. So either way, being a parent you get screwed...maybe literally HA! Anywhoo...

With or without your favorite food?
I would eat the same exact thing everyday for a month. Yes it's boring and I would be begging for something different in about 5 days, but at least I wouldn't be denied the foods I love. I eat salad everyday already. I pretty much have the same snacks, one mid morning and one after dinner. So even though it would be boring, at least I wouldn't be miserable and longing for just one bite!!

Cartoons, news or soaps? I actually have a choice! I don't trust the tv as a babysitter when I'm cooking or in the shower if something other than cartoons are on. My son is a sponge and I would fear the words that would come out of his mouth in front of his grandmother! I honestly tune most of it out anyway. When he is down for a nap and I can actually turn it to something more stimulating than Blue's Clues or Handy Manny...I zone out on the computer, take time to eat a meal or am busy with the other one.

Speak or hear?
I can't imagine going through life without hearing William say I love you sooo much mommy, or hearing Matthew's gruff belly laugh (I swear his voice will be deeper than James Earl Jones - he'll be Darth Vader if the saga continues into his adolescence) I love dancing to the beat of music and hearing fire crackle. I love the purr of a cat and rain on the roof. Communication comes in many forms than just words...I'd get by.

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