Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pride and sadness

It is done. Wow, how far has America come in such a short time? Congratulations to President Obama, my prayers are with you and your family and America during this time of change. I fully expect you to walk the walk now that all the talking is done. I hope you can unify the country and make the American name said with pride (though the pride never left my heart...wonder why it did for so many others?)
However, I'm sad. I'm always kind of sad at the end of something...even New Year's eve...I just get a little said and lost in my memories. I don't know if that is unique to me, but that's what happens.
I'm sad that now the president, his family and members of his security detail will have to really step up in the event of some lunatic "on a mission". I know EVERY president has to worry about that, but being the first of anything (black, woman,Jewish) is always hard. I pray for his safety.
I'm sad that this current president does not hold values on life as I do. I fear for the unborn babies and the ill-informed mothers and fathers. I speak from a personal experience when I was told to abort my child, my life, my Matthew at the age of 18 weeks gestation. I was told he wouldn't feel a thing. He's "not all there" yet. He's still a fetus, not a baby. All the same reasons mothers are given when they feel hesitation. But two days after I was told all that, a needle was inserted into my son for a bladder tap. He pulled away from the needle and startled when it went in...he felt it. During the next week, he played with the bubbles during his first infusion...he was "all there". And though technically he was considered a fetus, he was MY baby. I wish the new president could have experienced Matthew's statistically defied miracle of making it to this world and being a happy, growing baby.
I'm sad that many people have not stopped to say thank you to George Bush...whether you like him or not...he did a fine job of making sure no more attacks occurred on American soil. Thank you for making me feel safe in my home. Thank you for outwardly being a man with christian morals. Thank you for holding bible study on Thrusday in the oval office and saying prayers for my Matthew. (and thank you so much for Liz and Dave, the wonderful people who introduced Matthew to the former president) XOXO And thank you for actually remembering him and asking how he was doing. Why do these stories never get published! I'll be eternally grateful of this man, in the highest ranking office in pretty much the world, praying for my son's well being. Hugs to him and prays for his well being as well.
I have hope that America can erase the division that had so prominently been shown these past four years. I pray that America will grow to be the power house of good fortune and good values. I wish everyone well in our new journey we are participating in.
As I type this, it is snowing again...cleansing...peaceful...promising.


Randi Jo :) said...

beautiful ... *tears* ....love u

Susie said...

I totally agree, Karen! I loved President George W. Bush and will be eternally grateful for all that he did for our country. (Too bad many people in our nation are too short-sighted to see/understand that...esp. those ignorant enough to publicly mock him yesterday.) How wonderful for him to pray for Matthew! (Sweet, sweet Liz and Dave!) What a beautiful and kind man he is!!

And now I will pray for our new president, knowing that God has His hand on him and our nation. Obama can't do anything outside of God's plan...and that gives me comfort.

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