Thursday, January 22, 2009

One of those days...

It started last night...with the damn feeding tube pump! I have a love/hate relationship with that thing. I love how it is making my son plumper by the day so that we keep inching closer to transplant, but I hate how I have to get up three times a night with it to fill it up and change out formula. However last night, one of several kinks that can happen...did. After a successful two hour run, the machine becomes possessed. Every three minutes he starts beeping and alarming that their is a clog somewhere. I unhook it and look through the lines, press the buttons and have it run some formula out, flush my son's tube that is in him to make sure he is clear, and plug everything back up. It keeps doing it! For an hour! I finally give up in a fit of tears, turn it off and throw it in the garbage. Mature? No. Satisfying? Yes!
Since Ian was out until 11:30pm with wrestling, I had told William that he would have to wait to see daddy in the morning. Well, at 4:30am..."is it morning yet mommy?". bed he comes to snuggle us. We allow this in the morning while Ian is getting ready, but since William will not see Ian again until Sunday evening (if he makes it home in time from Savannah)we let him climb in anyway. But that means mommy (and William) didn't get any more sleep. Which makes for a fun morning.
Especially with a baby screaming due to an unusually empty tummy. A dog that decides to take a crap on my deck ( least it wasn't it the house)and a toddler that would test the patience of Jesus Himself! Here are some ways that William was "helpful" this morning: he poured himself a cup of milk from the half full gallon...that is now only 1/4 full, he gave Downey a hair cut luckily just on her tail, he minded mommy when I asked him to come here NOW by jumping off the back of the couch and into the wall...I'm still looking for signs of a concussion.
But to make it all better before we had a lunch of loaded potato skins and salad...we jammed out. William passed me the potato peeler, he took the cheese grater and a spoon and Matthew got a beater from the mixer while he was in his exersaucer. William said "hit it" and we all rocked it out. It was good. They are in bed napping. And mommy has another fun memory tucked away. But I'm still anxiously looking forward to tucking in for the night!


Randi Jo :) said...

oh carebear. I'm burned out just reading it. u deserve a supreme vacation or day at the spa or SOMETHING! :) loev ya

babyfordawn1983 said...

My day hasn't been that bad... I am just so tired of working away from my child AND work tells all of us today that there will be no more raises until further notice! Load of crap if you ask me... That just made my day really bad. I hope your day got better. :)

Elizabeth said...

(hugs) I am late on the draw giving you a hug, but I hope your days are getting/have gotten better. Talk to you soon!

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