Friday, September 5, 2008

Where are your manners?

Yes, we are all aware that we should chew with our mouths closed, don't pick our teeth at the dinner table and please find somewhere a little more discreet to pull out the underwear that has ridden up to an unmentionable area. ;) But...were you aware that the roll of toliet paper (to be etiquettely correct - I make up words as they come to me) has a proper position on the roll. I personally thought it was awesome if my husband mangaged to just put it in the roll instead of sitting it on top of it, but actually the "miss manners" way of positioning it the toliet paper comes over the roll not under. I heard this yesterday on my way back from my son's lab draws on the radio, and it really got me thinking.
What are some other bathroom rules so we avoid other bathroom blunders...besides the ever popular "courtesy flush"? Well...I'll tell you!

At work - Do Not conduct business in the bathroom (people have enough "shit" on their minds in there...hee hee...I kill me). Do wash your hands! If you notice someone is taking a while, come's embarrassing to have your bowel movements timed. And remember, everyone is an equal in the eyes of the toliet! Boss or janitor, eventually you'll have to knock on the next stall and ask them to "spare a square".

At someone else's home - Use the fan if there is one...if not use spray or matches. If you clog fix it! If the hostess hasn't provided towels for hand-drying, then ask for some. Clean up after yourself: loose hair, snotty tissue paper and tooth paste blobs.

And in general - AIM! Close the door behind you. Pee in the toliet, not the shower (gentlemen!!), put the seat back down (gentlemen!!) and most importantly: If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie. :)


babyfordawn1983 said...

LOL This is so funny! I think it should be posted for all to see because some of those are so true!

Stephanie said...

ROFL, its so true! The toilet paper goes OVER. If I go to someone's house, and its UNDER...I'll fix it for them, and let them thank me later ;)

Randi Jo :) said...

oh carebear :) good one

u doing okay? we gotta talk soon.

love ya

Susie said...

You're on a "roll" with with your "toilet humor," Karen! LOL! I'd heard the same thing about the toilet roll from Scott paper. But I'm much happier knowing Miss Manners agrees. :o)

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