Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Do's and Don'ts of attending football games

Yes, I'm a girl and a football nut all in one. I was raised on the Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech and a loyal fan through and through. Yes...even through the Bill Lewis years (shudder). While at the GT/Mississippi State game this past weekend (where we handed them their own backsides) I was thinking of some of the common "errors" of fans. I thought I would share my list with you...aren't you lucky?

First off, when you force the people behind you and the people behind them and the people behind them to stand just so they can see the play. Rules for standing are as follows:
When to stand -
1.When the team is beyond the 30 yard line towards the endzone if you are on the opposite side of the 50 yard line.
2. When a Hail Mary is thrown...whether it is caught or not is irrelevant, but if it is caught you should add jumping and clapping to your standing!
3. When a runner has pushed past 10 yards and is still on his they say...he could go all the way!
4. Points - in the form of touchdowns, field goals or a safety. Get on your feet and hoot and holler loudly.
5. A loose ball or turnover. It helps to make sure the refs are making the right call knowing that the are being watched. ;)
6. Kickoffs give support to your teams special teams...pumps them up.
7. Naturally when your team enters the field at the beginning or following half some love.
8. And last but not least, for the national anthem. You're an American before you are a fan idiot! On your feet! Not from here...I don't give a horse's're here now. Show some respect you turd!

When not to stand-
1. Second down. First down - sure show support at the beginning of a play or as a congrats on getting that first and ten. Third down - on your feet for the D! Fourth down - whether you or the other team is going for need to make some noise!
2. When a player is hurt. Now's not the time to stand up and clap for the awesome tackle that left the poor guy writhing in pain.
3. When the team is playing right in front of you. If they are snapping the ball on the 28 yard line and you are sitting on the 25...I think you can see just fine.
4. During mid-play. If the ball was just is not the time to realize you need a trip to the weenie cart! You can hold off until the whistle rules the play dead...the weenies will still be there and no one will call you one!

And one final thought, be mindful of what you say. Kids are surrounding you, so keep the dirtier thoughts you are having about that ref t yourself! Also remember the players are doing the best they can. They didn't go out there with the intention of dropping that pass...and I bet they are much more mad than you are! Just have fun, enjoy friends and family and be a good sport and fan!
Go Jackets!!

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babyfordawn1983 said...

Very nicely said. I have never been to a game for some of those reasons. Come to think of it, I have never been to anything that has large crowds.... HMMMMMM

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