Thursday, April 1, 2010

Donor awareness month

This is the flag that flies at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta during every transplant surgery. This is the flag that flew on January 14th of this year for my son's kidney transplant. I still get choked up seeing this photo. It takes me right back to the moment, the moment life was going into my son on an operating table. All because someone was selfless enough to give the gift of life.

This April, I beg you to search your heart and talk it over with family and loved ones. Please consider being an organ donor. Research it, find out how to register for your state by visiting this site ( and give someone a second chance. If everyone had a loved one that's life was dependent on a list...we'd all be registered. Please help them. They are people (daughters, brothers, grandmothers and best friends). They are not numbers.

Give them hope - give them life. Register.

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