Monday, April 6, 2009


Matthew Oct 08.

I can't quite figure out how I got so lucky. Most people would look at me right now thinking I have lost my mind. With everything that has happened in the past year, they wouldn't have said "luck" was on our side...but it really is! That and God's good graces. For every "bad", something better has come along!
My ten month old baby is on dialysis. I'm blessed - it makes him feel SO good! He is all smiles and much more active and hungry because of it. (Well, he's cutting a canine tooth this that's a lie, but he's USUALLY smiley and easy going) ;)
I travel 64 miles one way, 128 miles roundtrip, twice a week for his treatments at Egleston. I'm blessed - I get to meet SO many different people on the transplant floor from kidneys and livers (the most frequent) to hearts and lungs. It is so uplifting to hear the stories from the proud and grateful parents that are given a small reprive of worrying about their child's health issues.
My husband's paycheck doesn't even allow us to break even on our monthly bills. I'm blessed - family and health are way more important than material things. I'm thankful we are able to get medicines for Matthew to feel better; they are worth every penny. I'm thankful we have two cars that can carry me to the hospital and Ian to work. I'm thankful that the best things in life are free...laughter, playing outside, reading books and hugs.
Life has been in a constant state of chaos since last February. I'm blessed - it has helped me to not focus on myself, but on others. It's made me more aware of the strengths and weakeness in my marriage. It's made me appreciate the health in my older son...even though his "health" is what makes my house look like a tornado has struck. ;)
I'm blessed for all the lessons God has given me. Patience (that's been pretty damn hard!), compassion, strength, resilience, humor and submission. I don't wish this kind of illness on any child or that any parent should have to cope and deal with it, but I'm blessed. Matthew is a gift from God and His gifts just keep giving through my little one.


Jenn said...

Matthew is so beautiful and happy! You are such a loving mommy and I am so happy to have you as my friend!!! God blesses us all in different ways. Though God had other plans for my Matthew,he has blessed our family with so much love and understanding lately.

Thinking of you often!

Randi Jo :) said...

amen sister.. praise Him through the storms...

even days when we don't *feel* blessed... truly, we are. We have the love of THE God of this universe and He loved us enough to give up His life for us because He wants to have personal, intimate relationship with us.

I am encouraged & blessed by your perserverance & praise of Him this past year. Keep on going girl.... He doesn't promise us that life will be easy or that He will always save us from trouble... but He does promise us He will never leave nor forsake us... and that He will "deliver" (get us *through* our struggles).

love ya!!

Randi Jo :) said...

p.s. not sure what else I wanna say but just that my heart is full of joy to know u and have watched you grow & what a blessing you will be to others.

sometimes we struggle to be able to gain compassion, trust, empathy, resiliency like you said..... and He has blessed you with all those things so much.

There's a verse in romans that says that we go through struggles and He comforts us... and with that same comfort we can comfort others..

so pass it on! like you're doing! :) love!

mrsrubly said...

your boys are very cute!! like the PP says you are a great mommy. i just admire your attitude.

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