Friday, June 26, 2009

Uncluttering my mind

Sorry...nothing "inspirational" here today...just clean the closets of my brain. Everyone once in awhile I need to spring clean in here before it gets so bad I can't remember which house is my house on my street.
No, no news on the transplant front. I was told by my transplant mentor that it took two weeks to get back to her about matches...the more people...the longer it takes. We had three, bunch of crap!
This weekend is yet another "Ian" weekend. Ian, my hubby is turning a year older on Saturday. He's draining our checking account. Two weekends ago, both my husband and Matthew were baptized together...and got presents. Last weekend was father's day, so naturally Ian got presents. And now his birthday... WE are getting presents! In the way of a date of dinner and a movie as my parents watch the kids for us. :) It's your birthday...happy birthday...we're having dinner...where we get to actually taste our food...and not have to pick up hotwheels from under the table...woo hoo!
Speaking of birthdays...I'm getting THAT feeling. When William turned one - I was ready for another baby. Didn't start trying until about 10 months later...but I knew I wanted one. I'm getting that itch again. I knew I wanted three kids. Ian and I had talked about it. Even though I still want one...I really don't think I'm going to "plan" on one. Now if God sees fit to give me another child, we will happily take one, but we won't be trying!
Why not? Am I scared of another high risk pregnancy filled with needles and procedures...absolutely not. I actually had a very unnatural calm through it all. I have a high pain threshold and new things were not in my what was to be all upset about. I would do it again in heartbeat!! Labs, needles, surgery...HA - I laugh at you! The real reason is that I don't think it would be fair to another little one. I have to spend so much time on Matthew and keeping him healthy. I know many moms have had special needs children and then followed with siblings, but I just don't know if I could do that. I think mommy guilt would get the best of me being pulled in so many directions. Sigh...guess we'll eventually get another dog huh.
My life is full and I am happy with my two awesome boys. Besides...I don't want to push my luck on getting a girl. God has been so accomodating with giving my boys. I'm not a girly girl - never was. I love football games, beating my best time on the road and rude crude body function jokes. I can't do pink and princesses and DATING and WEDDINGS!! And in the words of Jerry Seinfielf...not that there is anything wrong with that...that's just not me. ;)
I know this post is kind of all over, so I am going to wrap up with a picture of Ian and kids since I haven't posted pics in awhile.
Happy weekend and happy birthday to my love! Date night- woo hoo!!


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Cute post! According to your fb quiz, aren't you supposed to have like six kids? Lol

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