Sunday, November 22, 2009

Meet Aubrey

I was working on an entry about premature awareness month for November, but then something happened. Something bigger than me, bigger than my small "platform" on prematurity (it will be coming later this week). Little Aubrey. Aubrey is an angel on Earth and if the insurance companies wouldn't spin out into oblivion by looking at how costly it would be...I'd promise Matthew off to her. :) Look at this face and just try to deny how cute she is!

I had the great joy of meeting sweet Aubrey this spring at Egleston. I was dear friends with her father in high school, but like with most friends...with the passing of time and the building of our families...will lost track of each other. I never dreamed I would meet Jeremy once again on the transplant floor of all places. It was both wonderful and awful to see him. We caught up 8 years in the thirty minutes before Matthew's dialysis run. And Matthew and Aubrey waved to each other in their respective strollers. I know God brought Jeremy's beautiful family back into my life for a reason, though I wish it could have been the fact that our kids were on the same soccer team instead. I know the doctors, I know the nurses, I know transplants...maybe I could give them some anyway possible. However, I don't know pediatric cancers.
You see little Aubrey is a big fighter. Late last year she was diagnosed with a very rare tumor called a Rhabdoid tumor. Her poor body endured numerous months of chemo before she was finally given the sweetest gift - the gift of life from an angel with a signed donor card. This summer, Aubrey was finally declared cancer free with the help of a liver transplant and God's healing grace. I shared Aubrey's miracle with my friends and family and all rejoiced for her and with us!
Last week, Aubrey's parents noticed some sort of mass in her abdomen, and after calling the transplant team, thought it was likely to be a hernia. After transplant clinic a few days later, it was determined NOT to be a hernia. It is "something", believed to be the Rhabdoid returning. Tests, biopsies and surgeries will follow this week with an official diagnosis.
As most of my friends know, I rarely ask for prayers (especially for myself or my family), but I humbly ask you know to pray for this family.

This loving, Christian family that has already received one miracle desperately needs another one right now. Please pray that the tumors are benign or that the tumors are a less agressive type, an type that responds to medicine and chemo quickly. Please pray that God will keep this family enfolded in His strong arms. Pray that both Michelle and Jeremy find wisdom, hope and comfort in the days and years to come. Pray that older sister Maddie finds security and happiness as her family is once again torn between two places. And pray for complete healing for in her earthly home.
God, I know You have this all mapped out already...but please allow us a selfish request to keep an angel on Earth with her family. Help her story and her fight unite people to better love and serve You as You perform yet another miracle through her. Please God, encourage others to give their time and money to various children's hospitals through out the country this holiday season in honor of Aubrey and her past battle, her current fight. A big request, for a small person. Lord, hear our prayer.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. (Prov 3.5-6)


My Very Own Angel said...

Karen your heart is amazing and so is this family. I will keep them in my prayers. We need more miracle stories to uplift ppl to keep going. God bless this family


Randi Jo :) said...

will do. love ya!

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