Monday, February 13, 2012

Going with the Woe

Bad things happen to good people. Things not in our control; things that leave us shaking our heads; things that make us ask "why my family?". A five year old little boy is dying from cancer. Cancer caused by the medicines his body needed to keep his transplanted kidney. There is a fifteen year old daughter and sister, who was unable to attend her parents' and siblings' funeral because she was still hospitalized in Florida while they were buried back home in metro Atlanta. Random acts of violence, natural disasters and even house fires turn many families lives and dreams upside down.
It would be easy to give into the "woe is me" mentality. I've done it. Woe is me for having to watch my son go through so much. Woe is me for having to spend so much time away from my husband and other son, because my baby needs me right now. Woe is me, another year without a vacation...gotta save that many for medical co-pays. Then I hear about a child losing their fight... and once again I am grateful.
It shouldn't be that way! We should always be grateful! It shouldn't take bad news to make us feel happier about our life and all the blessings in it.
I know there is a greater certainty that I will outlive my son.
That knowledge has left me breathless and broken-hearted. I can't count the times I have crumbled in the middle of the night, wracked by sobs of sorrow. The only balm I have - is right now. Whenever my fear creeps in, the uncertainty seeps through or the darkness covers my rays of happiness...I just look at him. And I'm grateful.
Grateful to have this experience. Grateful for whatever time we have together, whether it be counted in days or's more time than I was told we would have before he was born.
So instead of letting the "woes" build up - we let them go. Turning woe into wonder, sorrow into smiles and fear into faith. Faith that we will handle anything that comes our way. Smiles that we made it together this far. Wonder in the normal, everyday experiences we get to share.
If my son has to fight bigger battles ahead and tells me he is tired, then I will let him go...and I won't have any "woe". There will only be the joy of what we had.

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Randi Jo :) said...

wow GOd has given you a st rength beyond understanding, girl. That's His Holy Spirit. He promises you as your struggles increase... so will your strength & faith & resilience. What an example you are. you are so right - it IS all about what we FOCUS on. Love you!

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