Thursday, December 18, 2008

An A-Z get to know me...but for my see if I know him as well as I should after over 9 years together. 5 year wedding anniversary in 9 days! Wow!
A- Automobile of choice? He loved his Honda Civic, but needed an SUV for all of his scuba gear.
B- Born? June 27th
C- Cookies or Candy? Cookies all the way for him. I have to add that to the grocery list for every visit!
D- Date of Choice? A night away from kids...anywhere!
E- Essential Item? cell phone and watch
F- Favorite Foods? My cooking naturally. ;) He loves italian and mexican the most!
G- Gas or Diesel vehicle? gas
H- Hobbies? scuba diving, geo-caching, raquet ball and head wrestling coach...around the house PLAY STATION!
I- Ice Cream Flavor? he loves it when I treat him to the Breyers Heath crunch icecream
.J- Job? high school biology teacher
K- Kids? 2 boys, he wants a girl...I told him he has our Downey girl. ;)
L- Last Vacation as a couple? Disneyworld before the boys were born! Several weekend getaways...but that was the last "true" vacation
M- Morning person or night owl? Night owl!
N- Number of Siblings? nada
O- OCD or sloppy? In between
P- Pet Peeves? me leaving the open bag of potato chips at the base of the couch, slow drivers, and a whiny William
Q- Quiet or Loud? Quiet
R- Restaurant? That boy is always up for MOE's
S- Sports? He doesn't really follow sports on tv, but he loves to play everything but baseball...he says it's too boring.
T- Tight wad or spender? Used to be a spender, but I've helped him tone it down.
U- Unknown Fact about him? He's got a shy bladder.
V- Vegetables? Italian green beans or my squash/zuchinni medley
W- Worst Habit? Staying up too late and procrastinating...on EVERYTHING!
X- Xtra Curricular activities in high school? Football, wrestling, soccer...a sport for every season.
Y- Your favorite things about him? He's a huge help with the boys and the house and allows me "time off" especially if he sees I'm starting to stress. He's very good to me. :)
Z - Zodiac Sign? Cancer...and boy is he moody just like one!

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