Friday, October 9, 2009

Five for Friday - Matthew style. :)

OK, I'm normally involved in a blog carnival that Mama M hostesses on Fridays every week, but this week I'm kind of stepping out on my own. (just for one week though and to answer ONE question - COKE!! It's all about the Coke in the south (especially in Hot-lanta were the World of Coke is located!). I am just listing 5 things I am thankful for. Yesterday, I got some bad news that kind of put a damper on my spirits. And I'm really a happy, optimistic person - yeah...not so much 24 hrs ago! :( But I've accepted the hand that has been dealt and all is well on the Karen front once again. :) So, without any more of my rambling (I ALWAYS end up doing that!) here's my friday five:

1. I am thankful that in my attempt at saving Matthew's life, he just turned around and probably saved mine. I found out I have stage 2 kidney disease only because I was tested to be his donor. I don't have blood pressure problems (hello - 105/65 here!), no protein in my urine, no excess sugar, no "warning" signs of an issue. And the fact is, most warning signs are not shown until it is too late. Kidney disease is do not get function back. But I can now keep appointments with my nephrologists, change my diet and maintain kidney function as much as possible. Thanks for looking after your momma Matthew. :)

2. I am thankful that I have such wonderful family and friends. Family that are willing to get tested, friends that share our story with others and everyone that prayers for my son. Prayers are the most important gift you can give us anytime. We don't need money, clothes, food...we like the free things - laughter, hugs and prayers. :) We greedily take those and luckily we are surrounded by people who happily indulge us. Thank you!

3. I am thankful for Matthew. He is here and he is chewing on my couch. Not necessarily thrilled with the soured spit smell that will rise from that this evening, but he's here to be able to leave a little puddle of drool. He is crawling (something they said he wouldn't do), he is laughing (something I can't get enough of), and he is tooting (something I could do without). But he is HERE, NOW, WITH ME! Some mom's don't get that chance. I am so blessed. If I get to spend one more month or 1,000 more months...I have been made a better person because of him.

4. I am thankful for William. I often feel like William gets the short end of the stick with all the goings and comings of Matthew. But then I realize that William gets compassion, patience and will learn not to judge others based on their "label" because of Matthew. WOW! That's pretty cool! He is SO funny and super snuggly. He's our handy man helper-outer. Our go-getter introducer that says hi in the grocery store or the library. He's our car fanatic that introduced us to the special people like Mater, Doc, Sally and of course Lightening McQueen. Life would just be a bit duller without him. He colors our world. :)

5. I am thankful for my husband, Ian. Without him I would have drowned in sadness when we were told on three separate occasions to terminate our child. I would never have understood and appreciated the military wives that are left behind to be mother and father, husband and wife, lasagna maker and lawn mower. I met a GREAT group of women (and men) through him and the Coast Guard. He has stepped up and over the boundary lines set forth by society and became "house wife" for nearly 7 months when we went without a paycheck to our name and me laid up on the couch with fetal surgeries and then a c-section. He is willing to give up his current dream job and search for "brotherhood" in the fire department to begin testing for our son's kidney transplant. This October is our ten year "dating" anniversary. God bless the man that could put up with me that long. ;) I love him!

Of course there are many more, but I am keeping with the Five theme. So, more to come! Have a happy weekend all! Please still check out all the other women who followed the rules from Mama M. And sorry I stepped out...just had to get these down. :)

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j said...

oh my goodness...your boy saved your life. just when you think that someone is fragile and struggling to make the best of his life, he turns around and does the miraculous. i'm sorry for your news but grateful that you stumbled upon it now.

ps i am a big fan of alternative medicine, you might consider looking into it.

Mama M. said...

Oh, are wonderful!! And that Matthew is such a blessing...imagine the man he'll be when he grows's to 1,000 more months (and more!!) with him!

Shelly said...

wow. I love all five of these things.

Anonymous said...

and we are thankful for YOU and all you do, love and prayers from Randi's Mom

MiMi's Babies said...

Your story is amazing. God does work in mysterious ways sometimes! I have to agree with you about the Coke thing. I can remember going up North and ordering a Coke and beind disappointed when they brought me a Coca Cola.

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