Monday, December 28, 2009


I know - we make these every year and by Jan 15th...we conveniently "forget" about them. Well, this year instead of making broad and generalized things, I will be specific. No more, "Being healthier", no more "improve my patience", and no more "increase family time". Care to have a go with me and share yours? We could hold each other responsible. :)
And we're off! First resolution of the year - to play at least one game with BOTH of my boys each day. It can be Candyland, tag or balloon bump (made up game that me and William do). No excuses of being tired, having a migraine or too much to do today. My kids are worth more to me than folded laundry. I need to treat them as such. And unless it is raining, we will spend a certain amount of time outside every day. If it is too hot for Matthew and I'm worried about fluid loss, Matthew and me will hang out in the garage with the door open while we watch big brother ride his new scooter and me and Matthew play with sidewalk chalk or something together. Fresh air will be key to Matthew's health now. Gotta get in the habit of doing it...even if it feels like 120 degrees out there. Fresh air every day!
My second resolution, no yelling. I've often said I would be more patient - HA! This year has tested that more than any other...and when I get to the end of my rope and am hanging on by tattered/frayed threads...I yell. I yell for William to find his own toys himself. I yell at Ian for being 10 minutes later than he was supposed to be. I yell at Downey...well...ok, that one probably won't change if she still takes food out of my kids' hands! Downey OUTSIDE!!! ;) But I don't want to yell anymore. The "teacher" in me can sound very commanding and I know it freaks out the no more. This one will be hard!
Third resolution, no more "bad" language in the car. William has said his first "questionable" word...oops. :( So, mommy will do better. I know this is going to be hard...especially driving in and out of Atlanta. I mean come on - I-75 is FULL of idiots. BUT, I will control myself. Bring out the "substitutes". Yes, everyone knows what dangit means, but at least my three year old isn't saying dammit to his grandmother! :) I will behave, I will behave, I will behave. BUT, I'm allowing a relapse if I'm in the car alone. :P
My forth and final resolution is to finally put my health at the forefront. Once we are settled into our new routine of kidney transplant family, I will start taking care of myself so that I am around to take care of them for awhile. Yeah, I could say I'll eat right and exercise, but....BAHAHAHAHA! NOT giving up donuts and ice cream! SO, I'll keep up with my doctors. I actually GET a nephrologists for myself. Keep up with my electrolytes and creatinine (not like I do not have adequate experience with this!!) At my transplant evaluation, I was told my creatinine was 2.1. SO, I'm NOT worried at all. If Matthew had that - I'd jump for joy! :) (normal for ADULTS is .6 to 1.2, so I'm not high at all thankfully!) But, it is my goal to remain dialysis free until both of my children get married. No catheters will be taped up during the wedding pics! But to do this, I've got to stay on top of things. My vitamin D and iron are low - but easily fixed with supplements. No biggee. I'm fortunate that this was caught during stage 2 - where it is NEVER caught! (thank you Matthew) :) So, I have a good chance of staying ahead of things hopefully.
So, those are my specifics for this year. Nothing I shouldn't be able to handle. Here's hoping 2010 is a bright, happy and HEALTHY year for my little family and your's too. Happy New "kidney" Year!


Anonymous said...

I haven't really planned any resolutions yet but, I love all three of yours and they absolutely apply to me!

I'm totally a yeller. Not proud of it but, I was raised by a yeller and I'm a yeller. I'd like to get my volume level on all talking turned down a bit! Definitely need to stop yelling at my kids. Any tricks you are thinking about using?

Anonymous said...

One day in the spring I dropped my glasses and scratched them. My prescription was expired and I needed new glasses soon. I begged my way in for a "it'll just take a second" eye exam just to get a new prescription. And the stupid doctor took FOREVER. Finally he said "Did you know you have glaucoma?"

And my world stood on its head. Who knew that something so simple could turn into something so complex? A simple visit just to get a new prescription could introduce me to a chronic condition that I will be managing daily for the rest of my life. Suddenly I become a big supporter of the Lions' Club and all associations that provide low-vision services. But I'm also grateful that my condition was caught early enough that it will likely never progress far enough to seriously impact my life.

I identified strongly with your resolution, because mine is to take better care of my health too. I have to manage my IOP better, which means a LOT more vitamins A, B, and C, more fiber, and a lot less fat and caffeine (I'll miss my afternoon coffee). I hope in the end it'll mean less need for medications and fewer trips to the operating room. I have to own my path, keep up with my medications, and as much as I hate to admit it, my required procedures too. I hope in the end it will all pay off, watching the breathtaking moments in three children walking down the aisle, and even keeping my sight long enough to watch them hand me grandchildren.

Here's to a better 2010!

Mindy Skains Independant Scentsy Consultant said...

I am game to try it out. I have TONS that I want to change. I know it will take baby steps but I am not getting any younger and my boys are growing far to fast for my liking, SO I WANT TIME WITH THEM

April said...

Those sound like wonderful resolutions! I think you have inspired me to make some like that of my own!

Randi Jo :) said...

u crack me up. I TOTALLY agree with the fresh air and game every day. Those are my to do lists of each day as well! :) it's always the small things. SMALL steps in the right direction. better to have drops in the bucket each day then to try to pour yourself out in one shot - which is just way overwhelming and stressful. anyway :) not sure if that made sense. my resolution is not to ramble on blogs anymore.... jk.. it's not my resolution. i plan on doing that forever.

MomMom & I are thinking of u. love u :)

Randi Jo :) said...


Mama M. said...

My resolutions? To get organized, and stay organized! Our home is a disaster of unorganization! And, to be a better housekeeper...which, kinda goes along with the first!
You are in my thoughts and prayers...and you are right...your boys need you to be there for them, take care of YOURSELF, too, my friend!

babyfordawn1983 said...

Great post! My Resolution this year is rght there with you. Take care of myself. This year I have pushed myself aside. With 2 miscarriages, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis it is time for me to buck up and start taking care of myself. That means putting off children for another year but I need to take care of myself. I need to be on meication to take care of this psoriasis problem. If not I could wind up with serious secondary infections. So this is gonna be fun huh?

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