Friday, May 28, 2010


So, some of my online friends that have not "met" me have asked to get to know me a little better. They are passing around a "confessions" post of sorts and I thought I would hop aboard. It will finally be a little light reading compared to my last...oh...20 posts. ;) So, here goes nothing!

You have things you tell others, like how much weight you would like to loose, but never how much you actually weigh. This is not the time to tell your weight! It is the time to tell your other fun secrets about your guilty pleasures. I'm sure there is one movie, one song or one book that you have not told others you are into. Spill it!

A list of my "guilty pleasures" and/or weird stuff about me. :)

OK - let's just get the biggee out of the way. I'm a Vampire Diaries junkie. I read the books back in 7th grade (totally gave my age away with that one) and was hooked. No, the tv series is nothing like the book, but I like it for what it is. And just in case you were wondering - I'm pro-Damon. :)

my favorite lunch to eat by myself - white bread with an American cheese slice on it...topped with bbq potato chips and sweet pickles. And yes, I only eat those when I'm NOT pregnant. ;) Hey - don't knock it til you tried it!

I read smutty romance novels when I'm stressed...which is a lot! I don't want to think through a book when life has filled by brain to capacity. My favorite writer is Kathleen Woodiwiss. She's not trashy, but still thorough. ;)

While the boys are napping, I watch baby birth stories. And sometimes I even cry at the actual birth. I don't know those people, but I know what they are feeling and it brings me back to the births of mine.

How I read the newspaper - grocery store ads, coupons, comics, sports and then the actual news stories. I feel I have to prepare myself for the doom and gloom of the world before reading about it.

I don't like cake. Never have, never will. I'll eat some to be nice, but I really can't stand it. I would prefer donuts for my birthday. Or a pile of reese peanut butter cups - yeah!

No one can talk to me if I am watching my football on tv. My daddy raised me right! At the age of 5, I was sitting at the games cheering my heart out for a 2 - 9 team. Now they are MUCH better...and I still cheer like that. Go Jackets!

I have been bitten by the texting bug and I hate myself for it. It is so impersonal and utter crap, yet I can't stop. It's fine at the hospital while Matthew is sleeping or to get a big message shared with several people. But to ask how your day is...just talk in the phone - not type in the phone.

I still have shirts from high school that I wear. I just refuse to pay $35 dollars for a piece of cotton with sleeves attached to it. I get clothes for my birthday and Christmas. Those are my new outfits for the year. Every once in while I shop the clearance rack. I'm a fan of shop-looking, not shop-buying. Don't get me on shoes - I loathe shopping for those!

Ok, so that's me. The real me. What about you?

Yeah - this is from our first summer in NC. NO string bikini's nowadays! ;)

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Jamie H said...

Don't worry, when my kids are napping I watch birth stories too (while I'm blogging). I cry at the end too!
I don't have shirts from highschool but I do still have shirts from college 12 years ago...

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