Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the Earth keeps turning

Have you ever had one of those moments when life stands still? Perhaps as you exchange vows with your soulmate. Gaze at the flickering heartbeat during an ultrasound. Or raise your glass to toast your grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. What wonderful times, times we wish we could slow down and savor as they speed past us leaving an imprint in our souls.
Then comes the times that are slow, and sometimes quite painful. Where your world stops, but everyone else keeps going. I have felt that numerous times - I think we all have. Either experiencing a fear so great or a grief so pure. A time when you wonder as you look out of the hospital window, unto the street below, is anyone as sad or as frightened as I am? Is that couple arguing about a missed turn a few streets backs? Perhaps that family is on their way to drop by at a friend's house? Maybe that guy is heading home from a late shift at the office. Their world is still spinning. Life goes on.
When Matthew has been facing a rough patch, I log on to the computer to update my friends. Opening my email account I would see funny jokes that had been forwarded, the "gifts" sent to my facebook account for whichever game I was hooked on at the time, and all the newsletters/recaps from the forums I was a part of. I would sit in silence, knowing that the life was continuing for others while my son's life hung in the balance. I could see it enfolding in front of me...and yet I was numb to it.
I didn't give a damn about getting a can of fuel for my farm or what the priest and rabbi said upon entering the bar...I just wanted my son to be better and out of danger.
I guess if you have never been there, it is hard to put yourself in that place. It sucks to the point...that I just can't explain in words...only a weary sigh. But I am asking you to put yourself in that place right now.
A very special kidney warrior is fighting for his life tonight. He has been through so much and has always come out a champion. Now he needs us to rally behind him and lift him up. Pray for healing, strength, peace and wisdom for sweet Aidan, his family and his doctors. The power of pray can move mountains - we just need it to move a dialysis catheter into place to give this sweet boy a chance.
As the Earth turns, I ask you to turn your face towards heaven and pray.


Jamie H said...

Sending a prayer for his family and for yours. I'm so sorry he lost his battle.

Randi Jo :) said...

you have been blessed with the ability to truly see from a different perspective from the majority. love ya

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