Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Butt soap?

Well, that got your attention didn't it? hee hee :) With our nearly daily drives down to Scottish Rite hospital to visit our new son...my hubby and I have been having some entertaining conversations (especially if there is road work and we need to pass the time) Our conversation yesterday involved cleanliness. We are about to become "germ-nazis" when our little one is able to come home. With his kidney failure, he is less able to fight infection and with his dialysis, germs have a direct entry route into his body. So we were talking about shower habits and such.
Do you use a wash cloth, your hands or just the soap itself to clean yourself? My husband uses all three. Wash cloth for his face, hands for his body and soap for the uh...nether regions. So, if he gets in the shower before me...am I washing with "butt soap"? EEEWWW! I know germs won't live on the soap, but I don't necessarily want leftover "residue" that toliet paper didn't quite reach on my soap either!! I think when I leave for my visit with Matthew today, I'm stopping by Walmart for some body wash. ;)

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Randi Jo :) said...

karen you crack me up. haha I have thought about this too -- but then I said - forget it - I am going to continue to use my butt/foot/armpit soak - because I don't use it on my face - I just use it on my butt/feet/armpits - so whatever :) hehehe you are so funny. I got your email and will respond soon. love ya!

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