Friday, February 27, 2009

Three years

Three years ago at this exact time, I was getting in the car heading towards the hospital. Nowadays saying's pretty expected, you could say we've changed our mailing address to Egleston Children's Hospital. But this trip, was was the FIRST. Our first son was on his way and what a ride it has been.
William Ryan greeted the world at 9:37pm, 12 hours after my water broke at home, and 8 days after contractions started. A Mardi Gra party at a fellow coastie's house finally got it started. I had been walking the neighborhood, the mall and the grocery store to no avail, but standing and listening to music and big ol' belly laughs is what finally got my labor into full gear. I actually was hoping he would stay in for one more day, making him born in March. Though neither are very "manly" an aquamarine is much better than an amethyst...sigh. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers I guess. I just wanted to meet my little man.
We entered the labor waiting room right around 1:30pm and the fun began. By fun, I mean pain. I don't know why but some stupid part of me wanted to fully "experience" child birth. Yep, I experienced it...I didn't care all that much for the experience. You see, when I'm in pain - I throw up. I started throwing up right we I got up to 6 cm...right at 6pm. Epidural!!! Sweet relief arrived at 6:30pm. At 8pm I kept swearing to my nurse that I was feeling EVERYTHING again and it didn't feel good. I had to go to the potty! She kept informing me that it was too early for a first timer, but she'd get my midwife when she could. Finally at 8:45pm I got another nurse in and she checked me herself. I was READY!
They got me all situated and turned off my epidural, not that it was working anymore anyway!, and got me "into position". I pushed for 40 minutes, which I felt took forever, but was informed that was very good for a first timer. yay! *warning* - TMI coming up about "girlie parts": I was so overzealous in my pushing (contractions are nothing compared to crowning am I right momma's!), but in my mad attempt to get him out...I was torn a new one. My midwife wasn't equipped to stitch me up and had to call on the assistance of a plastic surgeon. So yes, when asked if I've had plastic surgery -yes - where? - wouldn't you like to know. ;)
William was placed in my arms and I started breastfeeding immediately, it just felt natural to me. And then my toes curled in pain and asked for a lactation consultant to help me with latching him properly. He had as much of a gusto for food as he did for life. We took him home March 1st, and our lives have never been the same. In a good way...mostly. ;)
He is the smartest little guy I've ever met, though I'm pretty positive I have mommy bias too. His accomplishments keep stacking up higher and higher from abilities to his personality. His is still a snuggle bug and wants to share cuddles with everyone. He loves to hug and be hugged and wants to meet everyone that passes by him. He is super friendly, extremely funny and down right sensitive. We were watching Toy Story 2 yesterday afternoon after his nap and the part where Jessie (the cowgirl companion to Woody) had her flashback of being a little girl's favorite toy only be discarded as the girl grows up. William rushed up to me, saying we needed to get back to the happy parts, this music made him sad.
William is the light in my eye and the song in my heart. We have SO much fun together and I am sad to say it has been cut by more than half with all the medical issues we have been dealing with in our family. You would never know it looking at him. He still runs up and gives kisses saying "I love you SOOO much mommy" (insert melted heart here) and then gives Matthew a smooch on the top of the head saying "I hope you feeling better Matthew". He gets more than I give him credit of getting. He simply astounds me at times. I am so proud of my big boy, my first baby...that regardless of being three or 70...he will always be my baby.
Happy birthday to my snuggle bug. Mommy loves you! Thank you God for giving me my William. In William's words: "I SO happy"!


Randi Jo :) said...

that was beautiful and a tear-jerker. He is so special. Happy Birthday sweet boy! :) My raymond's first (non relative) friend! :)

Susie said...

So sweet, Karen! Happy birthday to your special boy! :o)

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