Monday, March 23, 2009

What's for dinner?

Well, I've been writing out a menu for the week for about a month now. It's kept me in line and has helped a bunch with grocery shopping since I go in with a definite list rather than "easy dinners" to check off. So to make me even more accountable to keep up with my menu, I'm posting it on here now. Plus, I like seeing what others are having for dinner and after seeing Steph's menus for the past few weeks...I just want to do mine too. :) So here's what we are having at our house if you drop by:

Sunday: O'charley's restaurant with my parents. :)

Monday: one of my creation casseroles of brown rice, broccoli florets, one can cream of broccoli soup, one can cream of cheddar soup, leftover baked chicken (shredded - I just don't like cubed hunks of meat), onion to your liking, garlic powder to your liking, shredded cheese to stir in and use as a topper (I used velveeta...which is crap to shred, but I do it anyway), French's fried onions to top too. Yeast rolls to go with.

Tuesday: Cheese ravioli and salad.

Wednesday: Pot Roast, sauted mixed veggies with balsamic reduction *yum*, and garlic mashed potatoes.

Thrusday: Hamburger helper (cheddar bacon melt) (I need one pre-packaged meal a week!), green and wax beans.

Friday: shrimp, glazed carrots, white cheddar macaroni

Saturday: leftovers

What are you having?

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