Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The verdict decision

Judge and jury collaborated this week at Egleston Children's hospital in Atlanta and in the small city of Woodstock in the Faust household of my parents, where I was staying this weekend. We had to do some soul searching since all three donors who tested came back as matches. My match was just a smidge above daddy's and grandma's...making me the likeliest to go first. The better the match, the better the chances against rejection. However, there were other things to consider.
Time- time to go down to Emory for multiple tests. Time to recover from surgery. Time to be with Matthew as he is recovering from his. As a mom to two little children, I can't take my time lightly. I already feel like William, the older brother, kind of gets crapped on a lot due to some of Matthew's medical needs. He's not going without food, shelter or people to watch over him...but he misses his mommy and daddy. Also during the recovery time I would not be allowed to pick up anything over 20 lbs for 6 weeks...two kids, both over 20lbs...yeah - like that's not going to happen. I only made it about three weeks after my c-section before I picked up William. I'm not really one to follow doctor's orders for myself. Heck, my 6 week post-partum check up didn't happen until Matthew was one and daddy was home for the summer. Oops. ;)
Matthew- like I have said in another post...I really don't want to be there for Matthew's surgery. I want to be blissfully unaware. Yet, I can't keep myself from him. I had already told the transplant surgeon that they would have to arrange a shuttle for me to come see Matthew the day of surgery. He said "you won't feel like getting out of bed, let alone going across the street". I told him about my 36 hr post "jaunt" up to the road pushed in a wheel chair after my c-section to Scottish Rite a mile down the road. He said he would arrange something that was more safe. ;) (I'm a bit pushy if you can't tell) I can't imagine NOT being there when he is wheeled away, or when he wakes up, or when his labs are drawn, or when he finally has YELLOW urine!
Chances- this kidney will not last as long as the others (more than likely, but my son is NOT supposed to be alive I take that with a grain of salt.) My mother will not be able to donate after this year. She will be considered out of age range for pediatric donation. She is a willing donor. If I or my husband go first, she is out for good. If she goes first, we still have TWO other willing people waiting in the wings. This could possibly get him close to 50 if each kidney lasts 15 years. :) Then maybe big brother or his wife or his children would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. If we don't use grandma now, after this transplant we are down to ONE donor instead of two. There's a no brainer.
So there are the "logistics" of the decision. Grandma will be Matthew's first donor. She will begin her donor testing soon through Emory. Hopefully she will pass all of her tests with flying colors. :) But even if she doesn't, she will never know how truly grateful I am for her offer. An offer that will save my child's life. An opportunity to keep him from rely on machines. The gift to see and experience many firsts in his life post transplant - first banana, first bath, first steps. Without my mother/his grandma...he wouldn't be able to do any of those. And with the way his blood pressure is rising so high...he's not tolerating dialysis very well at all anymore. Going on 9 months of hemo next week! I am also thankful to all the other friends (well - they are family to me) that offered to be tested. You three "sisters" know who you are. I am in awe of your willingness to sacrifice time away from your family and the discomfort of surgery to help my little boy. I'm also thankful that your gift isn't necessary right now, but please know how it touched me.
Well, Matthew and William are both beating up on the dog. One's banging her head and the other is grabbing her tail. Better go save the furry daughter. I'll keep everyone posted the transplant front. Please say prayers for my mother's health and the doctor's counsel. Thank you!


Randi Jo :) said...

thats so wonderful and well thought out. love you! :)

babyfordawn1983 said...

That is so amazingly awesome! God really did have you guys backs on this one. We will continue to pray that all testing comes back fine and that transplant can come sooner than later. You have gone through so much in the past year and I really admire you for being such a strong woman, I only hope that I can be half as strong in my life. :)

Julia said...

Wonderful news! Good luck with testing...but be patient! (speaking from experience - twice - to keep your expectations on timing in check)

Alexis said...

Oh, I can't imagine having a sick baby. Blogging has really opened my eyes to how much God has protected me from, but it's also given me the opportunity to lift others up in prayer. I will be praying for you and your situation!

barefootRhys said...

i'm so glad you guys have options. it helps a ton in the transplant arena, especially with kidneys.

i can't wait to hear how things go, and i know you are looking forward to having a baby with a working kidney. it's amazing how the little things are so intricate and facilitate so much of our bodies' needs!

Mama M. said...

Just came over from the blog frog and I want to commend you...I read your little guy's caring bridge site...must say you seem like one awesome advocate for your little man! Keep it up!

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