Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to work

Man, have I been spoiled. My husband has been home for two months and took full advantage of it. He went to dialysis on Mondays so I didn't have to pull double duty. Sometimes he even went on Friday too if I didn't sleep well or had arranged a playdate for William. We were able to all eat together as a family at 5:30pm. I was able to go to the grocery store at normal hours, run errands as needed and had someone else to walk to dog during the day. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But it's all over now. :(
I'm NOT saying I don't enjoy doing the mommy things, I do...but it was nice having a break - sharing the load. I think it is apparent that my job is more than just mom. Mom in and of itself is a lot. Throw in twice a week dialysis runs (that last anywhere from 8 -9 hrs start to finish), physical therapy on Wednesdays, daily blood pressure checks (which he enjoys so much let me tell you), administering meds on a strict schedule and bolus feeds with a 2 oz syringe directly into my son's stomach every three hours...this ain't your average mommy day. On top of that, I have to do all the "normal" mommy things for my three year old. We don't get out of the house much. My errands are now run after 8pm, but at least the grocery store isn't crowded. ;) Now I'm not saying this in a my life is harder than your life or please pity me - I'm just saying: MAN I MISS MY HUBBY! :)
I have taken pictures (on request on my sister Audrey) of all the aspects of Matthew's day. She wanted to better understand what I was saying when I was talking about things. I am going to share a picture commentary of a "day in the life of Matthew" either tomorrow or Friday. As you can see by all that above stuff that is written, I don't have much free time during the day. Matthew is napping and William is playing cars (what else is new?). But I have to go to the computer downstairs in the office to download photos instead of the laptop on the coffee it takes time getting down there. I promise by this weekend at the latest.
I hope that by doing this, it makes my son seem less fragile actually. When you see all of these tubes and ports and catheters - it really freaks people out. Myself included when he first got them! I just want to familiarize people with a new way of life. Maybe help someone else to understand or empathize with other special/medical needs children. They will not break (they are actually stronger than any other children I have met!). They are not different, at least no more than any child is from any other child. They just have a unique way of doing things. Their just extra special.


Mama M. said...
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Mama M. said...

Hi! I've enjoyed reading your blog and awarded you with the "One Lovely Blog" award! :) (Sorry, got interrupted with the last one!), anywho, really enjoyed "meeting" you recently, and thought you deserved an award!

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