Monday, April 14, 2008

He answered!

Wow! Ask and you shall receive...even if it seems impossible. One of the things I do find most annoying about spring in North GA is that it takes its time making up its mind about which season it wants to stick with when winter rolls into spring. You never know when a cold front will swoop down and force you to take the jacket out of the closet once more. This weekend was wonderful...sunny, warm (80's) and just beautiful for William and his grandparents to hang out on their huge back deck. Grandma got out the sand table and William had a ball. I even was able to sit out on the patio swing and enjoy some outside time for the first time in awhile...which I later regretted that night with the increased soreness I felt from sitting upright!
But even with such a picture perfect weekend that is seen so often in the Georgia moutains, I heard a cold front was on its way for Sunday evening. It got down to about 41 last night and a high only in the 50's is predicted for this afternoon. Not cold enough for snow...but I thought I would put in a request anyway. As I have written before whenever I find myself starting to doubt all that me and Matthew are going through...God has given us snow. Both last night and this morning I asked God for a few snow flurries. I said I didn't care how much or when it happened...but I just needed some reassurance that my baby wasn't going to be born so early at 24 weeks. And you know what...He answered me!
The thermometer says it is 43 degrees out there at the moment, but just 10 minutes ago...we had a rain/snow shower mix. I could see the pure white snow flakes drifting in lazy patterns amongst the cleansing rain drops. I smiled and thanked God for looking after us. "Our God is an awesome God, He "rains" from Heaven above." And yes, I spelt reigns wrong on purpose. I'm off for our 4th surgery in just one hour, gotta pack my overnight bag. I'm feeling very encouraged now. :)

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Randi Jo :) said...

YAY! God IS so awesome and so good and He loves me. We're praying for you. He is with you all and He is in complete control.

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