Wednesday, April 2, 2008

All things green

With the onset of spring comes all things that are green...ha...that kind of rhymes. Oh, the little things that amuse me...anyway...back on topic now. Green is one of my favorite colors. It is hard to pick JUST one, so I say one of my favorites. I'm really into sunny yellows, dramatic reds, all shades of blue, calming silver, earthy browns, and royal purples. The only color I repeatedly do NOT like is pink...I guess it's the tomboy in me. Just don't care for it.

But why does green stand out to me? My birthstone is the peridot; my favorite jewel is the emerald. I'm a lover of trees more than flowers (allergies). I'm a lover of the mountains more than the beach. I eat green salads EVERY day...sometimes twice. Heck, I'm part Irish! OK...still doesn't tell me much!

So, I looked up the meaning of green. First off it said that green was favored by well balanced people. HA! That made me laugh...and move on to another website. The next one said that green symbolizes fertility, life renewed and nature. Now that is more like me! I'm the nature girl that gets her energy from the sun. In winter, I notice I become as dull as the grey grass...but I'm ALIVE at Christmas with all the green garland, trees and wrapping paper. Life renewing ...changing...growing...fresh starts. How rejuvenating! Who doesn't like second chances and clean slates?'s greatest mystery and miracle...the coming together of two to make one. Even as a science nut that "knows all" I don't know the half of what God's hands do to form a new life inside a woman. But I'm in complete awe of it.

Green is good, refreshing, naturalistic. I think I will now start saying that this IS my favorite color. It fits me! And it goes with everything, yellow, blue, me! :)

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cute post! :) will reply to your comments soon - thanks for commenting! :)

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