Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday 13 #3 Personality traits

Thirteen Things about my personality

This is going to be a post about my personality traits...some that I am praised for and others...well...let's just say they are not well received by myself or others. ;) But these are what make!

1. Sarcasm - I've got it in truck loads! This is both good and bad depending on how literally my conversation is taken. I can NOT use sarcasm with my mother. She takes things personally and I have learned that with her.

2. Wit - It kind of goes hand in hand with sarcasm to me, but my friends insist it is different. I can come up with snappy one liners to any situation...whether to lighten the mood or to imply insult. As you can probably see, this is a double edged sword. It's handy at the time, but can cause hurt feelings if my emotions run faster than my head.

3. Perky- There's just no other way to describe it. I love to laugh and have others laughing. I see it has my purpose to cheer others up that are down around me. Because of this, I'm fortunately rarely down myself and when I am it doesn't take much to lift me out of it. How can you make others laugh when you are all pouty?

4. Attention-seeker- I never know if this is a positive thing or not??? I am a HAM! I don't think I do it to take attention off others, I just thrive being in the middle of a circle of people. I'm the one the family relies on speeches at family functions. I'm the one that goes up to the newcomer and welcomes them. I'm the one that will make conversation with anyone within a 20 ft radius of me in public. Oh yeah...and I'm a camera hog too! :)

5. Dare-devil- This is the trait both my mother and husband like least about me! But I love it. I'm a thrill seeker...always looking for an adrenline rush that tops the previous one. From simple things like amusement park rides to sky diving. I want to try it all once.

6. Curious- Curiousity may have killed the cat, but it's only made me more curious! I love to learn new things about anything (religion, biology, psychology, books, family traditions...). I love questions, both answering and asking. This may be why I love to do surveys on myspace too... I just think you can never learn too much.

7. Family-oriented- You never realize how much you love them until you leave them...and then you realize you didn't appreciate them fully until you have your own family. Now that I am a mother and wife, I fully understand the range of feelings and emotions that overwhelm you. And how nice it is to have family nearby to make memories and share occasions with.

8. Competitive- I hope this comes across in the good sense...since that is mainly how I do intend for it to! Though...I have been know to get a little poopy if I am losing in a family board game. I like to be successful whether in class, family or trival pursuit! I am not boastful when I do win, I'm all about the "good game" play. But I have been known to be a sore loser, and that is something I've been working on.

9. Moody- There's just no easy way to put this one down. Depending on my hormones I can go from laughing to yelling in two seconds flat...much to the bewilderment of my husband! He's used to me now, and knows it is short lived...caused by my "womanly issues". But don't be surprised to hear me rave about how sweet and charming he is, only to want to rip his arms off for not putting his dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink.

10. Impatient- Another one I'm working on...and getting loads better with during this pregnancy. I'm learning to take things one day at a time and just being thankful for what I am given here and now. Why wish your life away? This was a hard lesson to learn and I definitely don't wish the way I learned it on anyone...but it was a lesson I desperately needed.

11. Independent- This is another of those that can be seen as bad by some. I know that Ian and I are one in every decision we make and have become one unit working together through our marriage. But if the unthinkable were to happen...I could carry on for our children. When we were first married, I only saw my husband 4 months out of 12 due to his responsibilities to in the coast guard. It helped me to appreciate our time together even more, but realize that I was my own person that could handle being in hot water while my husband was underway.

12. Easily amused- I laugh out loud for no reason...sheerly because something tickled me internally. I rarely allow myself to be bored...even on bedrest, because I can always find something to hold my attention. And with being so easily amused...I amuse others easily as well. It's win/win for all. :)

13. Worrier- Hey, I'm a wife and mother after all. I worry when Ian has to drive down to Savannah for his reserve duty. I worry when William wakes up with a fever. I worry about Matthew almost daily! But now I've learned to talk over my worries. There's no need to worry by myself, and just talking it out with my hubby, mother or the Father...I feel so much better. Easy to worry, but again...easy to distract. My mind wanders quite frequently, so luckily this has never been a big issue...but it is still part of me.

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