Friday, September 11, 2009


First and foremost - a shout out to my awesome hubby and family for allowing me to be selfish last night...and this morning. Getting in at 1am and not going to bed until 2am, I knew it would not be the wisest decision for me to brave the morning commute for a two hour drive going 20 mph into Atlanta again (for the 4th trip in four days). Love, hugs and kisses. Thanks for allowing me a little sanity. :)

Yesterday was exciting, in good - bad - good ways. First and foremost, I am officially recognized by Emory University Hospital to be a candidate for my son's kidney donation. YAY!!!! I got the call yesterday and completed my phone interview. No, I'm not being paid or bribed by my one year old son. Yes, I am a healthy person (oh...well except for migraines, year round allergies, a severe allergic reaction to penicillin products and a history of kidney stones) hmmmm...silence on the other line. Crap! Kidney stones? Just ONE episode 9 years ago. :) OK, we'll clear you after a detailed look at your kidneys and an in-depth urinalysis. YAY again!!!

So, here is how it is going to go. Emory's financial adviser is working with my insurance and with Matthew's to clear us from financial problems that they can find. Once that is complete, I get my jug of pee. :) This is the initial jug of pee collection - just to watch for protein in the urine, BUN, on and so forth to show healthy kidneys. Then once the results of that come in, I'll be mailed another jug (two actually) for a more in-depth look at electrolytes - calcium, phosphorus, parathyroid levels...all the fun things that can lead up to more kidney stones. Please let me pass this!! This is what I'm worried about! Not for another stone in the future, but something that would knock me out of the running. :( Then, once those results are back (which will take a while since it is run through a company in Chicago) I go to the two day in-patient gauntlet. This will include CT scans, renal and chest ultrasounds/xrays, stress test, EKG and open discussions with surgeons, coordinators, psychologist and chaplains. Again, if all of that goes well - we set a date! If we have absolutely NO hiccups, we could be transplanted by Halloween. :) I'm expecting November, trying to keep a little more down to earth about all of this. But I'm so excited just to move forward!!! EEEEEEEEE!

I was going to make this a two parter journal about my adrenaline rush last night at the Georgia Tech/Clemson game...but it's time to go wake up my three year old. So, I'm out of time. Just know - we won! But looked REALLY bad doing it. Props to Clemson for keeping the game alive. And props for GA Tech for not loosing sight of the W! Go Jackets. The Golden tornado is going after a Hurricane next week! :)

And in closing, just want to show what Matthew's kidneys look like now and what they will look like in a few short months. :) Just incase you were wondering...his kidneys are the ones that look like chopped liver. ;)


Jamie H said...

Hoping that all continues to go well for you guys!

The Swann's said...

Just read some on your blog. I hope your son's kidney turns out just as pretty as you're hoping!!!

Figured I would continue the "Go Tech" topic. :-)

I'm on affiliated with Tech via my husband... My husband is affiliated becuase his dad actually played football for them way back when and then he had a knee injury and all went downhill from there. So we're fans by association. :-)

BTW- It was great going to the Braves vs. Cardinals game here in Missouri and having the Braves beat the Cards all three games!!! :-) haha!

I'm done taking over your comment section. :-)

~Meghan said...

YAY! So excited that you passed the first round of testing! Logey got his kidney Sept 4 and is doing amazingly! Thank God! I hope that little one does just as well!

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