Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Their ALL family

We have a new family member. Her name is Kathy and Ian adopted her last week. I've finally gotten in contact and have been emailing her back in forth for a few days now. She's a pretty neat person to get to know and I'm glad she is part of our "family" now. Want to "meet" her? Here is a little about her from her own email: I should be pinning on my E7 in a few months - been in the Army for 17 years - 14 active and the last 3 Reserve. Last time I was here was OIF1 and I was in Tikrit - home of Saddam. The unit I was attached to - 1/22 Infantry were actually the guys that pulled Saddam from his spider hole. I was in 5 fire fights and 1 IED explosion so I was one of the first females to get a Combat Action Badge from OIF1 - the IED is why I got out of active and went into the Reserves. It is a little different but still is great to work with Soldiers and do the job we do.
Yes, we have adopted a solider in Iraq...you should too! It has been a real pleasure getting to know her! Please say a prayer for her safety and all the men and women that are still fighting for us! Even though my husband is no longer active duty, we still look on the military as our family and think of them often.
Speaking of family, another "family" member of a different kind is experiencing a life changing event today on her 8th birthday. She is getting her kidney transplant at Egleston. Talk about a happy birthday! (Of which I need to give a shout out to my super cute niece who turns 4 today!!) I am leaving the link for this little girl's mom's blog. Please take the time to read and share and pray for her family and the donor's family this week. http://theotherjuliaroberts.itx.net/ Happy kidney-versary Quinn. I hope I am able to come visit you next Monday on the 6th floor...and I hope you don't mind my kidney baby tagging along. :)
I would like to visit on Friday, but I will be spending most of Matthew's dialysis time over at Emory! Yes, I finally got things fired up and things moving along. I got my pretty jug in the mail today and am flabbergasted at how much urine they want me to put in there. I'll include a picture of the jug late, but it's a doozie! I will be doing my blood work on Friday. We are lucky to have Kim as Matthew's nurse this week. She is SO awesome with him, that I do not mind leaving. I have scheduled my appointment around his normal nap time anyway, so he won't miss me for long. Just have to be back in time to give him his mid-day dose of BP meds and a bolus feed. The nurses aren't allowed to do such things if it is not written down by the docs. Hopefully I won't be long, or that is going to be one irritable and hungry baby!
Anyway, I must run and get both boys up. Only a 20 minute nap for Matthew...this is going to be fun! Off to his 15 month check up and shots. :( Gotta get them before transplant. I'll keep you up to date!


KK said...

What a great idea!

Kristin said...

Well thought I would stop by and say hello! I saw your reply on a discussion about are you a girly girl and read what you said - I think we have a lot in common. I think I also read that your husband is a marine biologist (or was), that is what my degree is in. Anywho - just stopping in to say hi!

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