Saturday, September 19, 2009

Five for Friday with Mama M

Okie dokie, my friends (that's a little straight up MinneSOOOOtan for ya, dontchaknow?)'s the rules: copy the questions below, paste them to your blog, answer them, grab the MckLinky code (link back to me, if you'd be ever so kind) and then join the fun! Honestly, you don't know what your missing if you don't participate in Five Question Friday...really.

September 18th Questions: (Thanks to Keely, Meghan, and Amanda for their help!)

1. What's your favorite line from a movie?
There are SO many for different reasons and meanings, but today I'm feeling Princess Bridey. :)
[Vizzini has just cut the rope The Dread Pirate Roberts is climbing up]
Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

2. What "group" did you belong to in high school? Goths, jocks, preps, drama, nerds?
OK,I'll be honest - I was a straight up nerd. I didn't know it, or I was just in a strong sense of denial back then. I was a good student in advance placement classes, never cut class and was on the dance/colorguard team for the marching band. (yeah - how did nerd not hit me smack in the head huh?) Anyway, I didn't discriminate on my friends and was chatty with jocks, preps and even the skater kids. I also was a universal dater. If you had the never to ask me out, I said yes. No harm in trying something once. Oh and I was a BIG flirt, kind of had an abundance of boyfriends back then. sigh - I LOVED high school!

3. If you had $1000 just for yourself what would you spend it on?
groceries, that is about as selfish as I can get. When I get money for my birthday, that is usually what I spend it on, or I get something for the boys. I always have done this. Even when I was 16, I would go buy one cd and just put the rest in the bank. This turned out to be a good thing because I had a pretty well developed nest egg - that allowed my husband and me to go 8 months without a paycheck last year. It wasn't easy, but we managed. I just save for things that are needed not wanted right now. In this economy, you just never know! When we become a two income family again, I splurge on some clothes and a haircut that is not from Great Clips. :)

4. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?
I loved the Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry and old school Disney like Mouseterpiece Theater and Donald Duck presents. :) The new Disney is fine, but it's not great!

5. What kind of sleeper are you? Back? Tummy? Side? Sprawler?
I start on my tummy and usually end up on my side. Half the time I wake up and find myself contorted to some weird position with a three year old's feet in my back.

There you have it! Join in the fun!!

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Bellismom said...

I'm still in the loud mouth, trouble maker group too. That's where Isabelle gets it from =-)

Mama M. said...

Ah, yes...kid's feet (or heads, elbows, knees) in your back...ain't it great?!! Glad you joined in!!

Shelly said...

the Princess Bride is a classic....and I had a Pink Panther. I liked that little guy.

HeatherOz said...

I used a quote from Princess Bride in my post too! That is such a great movie! I watched it with my daughter about a year ago and now she is a big fan too!

Just hoppin' around the mcklinky list!

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