Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oldest picture w/ Jamie

Ok, so here's the rules for this hop:
Go to the place where you upload all your photos. If you don’t upload them online, just go to wherever you store your pics on your computer. Open the oldest album, and post the first photo. Tell the story behind it. Grab the MckLinky and post it on your blog. Just for fun, tag 3 people you want to see old photos of :)

Well, I believe this is pretty self explanatory...Disney World, bad 80's clothing, brother and sister. Yes, that is my older brother David and me (when I was skinny). This was our first trip to Disney World in 1985. We had no idea that from then on...we would be hooked. We went almost every year after that with a "beach" break thrown in after three consecutive Disney trips. I'm lucky in that I married a man that also comes from a Disney family and he shares the good memories with me. We went there for our honeymoon at Christmas time and for our "he's off the cutter and on dry land" celebration in the Coast Guard. (That trip was a bit more expensive, since 9 months later William came along - just stay at the parks if it is raining people) ;)
Here's a pic from the honeymoon and another from our land station celebration just for good measure. :)
Thanks for letting me play along Jamie!

Disney World at our Christmas time honeymoon.

lunch at Primetime Cafe in MGM.

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Jamie H said...

Fun picts! I've never been to Disneyland :( Thanks for joining my hop!

Bellismom said...

Thanks for checking on Isabelle's and for the congrats on the diploma. Hope the kiddos are feeling better!

Mama M. said...

Ahhhh...gotta love Disney!! And of course I'll leave it open! Glad you're gonna do it! And how's the little man?

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