Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chick fil a

I am a meat eater - NO doubt! I love steak, burgers, pork, roast, fish, and in small doses...lamb. But I LOVE me some chicken!! Now I love it even more! Every Tuesday, Chick fil a celebrates "family night". For every adult meal, you get a free kid's meal. That's not exactly why I love it...but it does help out the pocket book...and that's always welcome! The reason I love it is that now "family night" has truly taken on that meaning.

We met up with my husband's grandparents, aunts and all of his cousins on Tuesday night for a true Family Night together. Our son William was immediately swarmed by great-grandparents, great-aunts and second cousins. Everyone wrote their order down on a piece of paper and Grandaddy ran up to place it and pay for all of us...which there were quite a few of us! We took up an entire corner of the restaurant!!

While we were waiting on the order, William's cousins took him to the playground to work up and appetite while the rest of us "adults" relaxed and chatted at the table together. William was also able to spin the wheel of prizes and won a free milkshake...which daddy decided he needed more than William! Don't worry...William got an icecream cone after dinner!

This would have been a family night regardless if people were coming and going, eating at different times, talking on cell phones...but no one did those things. When the food got to the table, we all bowed our heads in prayer and sat together with three tables bunched up. No one got up until everyone had finished their meal...and then it was only for dessert orders! What can I say...we all have good appetites!

It was nice and very heart warming. It reminded me and Ian of why we did want to come home. We want our son(s) to grow up with memories of family around the dinner table...whether it's the one at home, or the one at Chick fil a.


Randi Jo :) said...

Awesome!!! Praise God for our families and the opportunity you now have to be with them! Very cool!!!

Raymond and I went to Chick Fil A at the mall yesterday --- at the end of our meal, I let Raymond out of the high chair, and turned my back on him for a second to throw away our tray (right next to our table).... and when I turned back around he was pushing the stroller as fast as I have ever seen him run, like a wild man dodging this way and that - and rammed right into the Chick Fil A HUGE COW! AHHH It fell against a lady, knocked her sideways....

The old Randi would have been MORTIFIED and would have yelled at Raymond and maybe even popped his hand......

new Randi laughed hard, said no no, thanked God for such a strong and WILD little boy...and apologized to all including herself becuase really it was HER fault!!!

I certainly will always be able to remember the image of that poor lady at the counter as she screamed as a "mad cow" came toppling onto her.

And I am thankful that I can find humor in everyday moments like this that used to be catastrophes :)


Randi Jo :) said...

P.S. I love...but chicken has always been my least favorite.

but when I was pregnant I couldn't even THINK or SAY the word... ch*#ken or I would barf on the spot.


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