Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

I got this idea from my friend Randi's page...she knows I love surveys, so she should have known I would have jumped on this! :)

My Thrusday Thirteen #1 - 13 places I want to travel to someday.

1. Just to make this list a bit more simple, I list this as one place - I want to go to all of the Disney theme parks world wide. I'm such a Disney nut!

2. Greece - for the food, friendly people and a beautiful architecture.

3. Vatican City - I would love to see the art work of some the "greats" like Michelangelo and Raphael among many others. I'm sure they are breathtaking.

4. Colorado - I'm not a ski bunny at all, but I would love to spend a long weekend at a ski resort, sipping hot chocolate and trying not to break my leg on the bunny slopes.

5. Argentina- one of my college professors was from the coast of this beautiful country. She shared many pictures of her homeland. I would love to explore it.

6. Germany - both of my parents were raised there for a short time, my dad being born there, because of being Army brats. I would love to see what the towns look like now compared to the old black and white photos we have.

7. The British Isles- both Ian and I have many roots in the British, Irish and Scottish lands. It would be nice to go back and explore our history together.

8. Alaska - we did have the chance to live there for two years through the coast guard, but I thought two years would be 23 months too long for me. I need sun and warmth, but I'd love to go adventuring in the summer anyone?

9. Japan - REAL teryaki and beautiful landscapes...need I say more?

10. Galapagos Islands - this is for the science teacher in me...always be itching to go there!

11. Jerusalem - to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, where the Last Supper took place and to lift my voice in praise and thanksgiving at the site of the crucifixion.

12. Egypt- I was fascinated in Egyptian lifestyle as a teenager. I would love to see everything from books become real before my eyes in person. Their science and technology for back then was amazing!

13. Heaven - this should be on EVERYONE'S list I would hope! ;)

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Randi Jo :) said...

Cool! :) I agree with a lot of these choices! I just want to go everywhere really!!!

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