Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter goodies

Of course we has a family celebrate the true reason and meaning of Easter in our home and among our families...but we also take part in the lighter/funner aspects as well. The Easter bunny is a staple in our house, primarily because mom and dad both love those reese's peanut butter eggs! ;) I have never seen anything wrong with egg hunts or chocolate bunnies, but I guess you have to have someone out there that just have to complain about something (Rosie O'donnell anyone?). Now, some of these are the people who rightly focus on the sacrifice of our Savior and see anything else that has commercialized the holiday to be trival. It is trival...but it's also good clean fun! I don't think God is opposed to fun or He never would have let Walt Disney walk the earth!
Actually, the people that bother me most are the so called "strict and conservative" Christians that won't let you do anything with a bunny, but will gobble down a chocolate cross with a candy rose on it. I think that is more sacrilegious than nibbling a bunny's ears. To take symbol of Christ's pain and suffering for us so lightly...and they dare say egg hunts are the devil's work? Give me a break...and a basket...I'm hunting eggs!

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Randi Jo :) said...

I got your message - and will be praying for you. Call you tomorrow also.

I tagged you on my page for a "meme" when you feel up to it! :)

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