Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow fall

Yesterday morning we woke up to a beautiful scene...snow flurries in March. For metro Atlanta...this is unheard of sometimes even in January, so we appreciate it whenever we can get it. As a child I would stay up late when the weatherman predicted so much as a hopes that schools would be closed. I would wake up in my bed every hour and peer out the curtains to see if the "magic show" had started. Most of the time I woke up tired and in a very grumpy manner...made my way out to the bus stop. But sometimes, my wishes came true and I woke up to a winter wonderland (at least in the eyes of a southerner where 2 inches was beyond our wildest dreams!). Snow always brought out the child in people...including my parents...and the innocence that comes with being young at heart.

On this "snow day" (it never actually stuck to the ground - just dusted our deck and roof) I was able to enjoy it with my son and husband. I saw my little boy spin like a spiraling snowflake in avid delight. When a gust of wind would take the flurries high over his head, he would squeal and clap as if he were in the front row of the most sought after play in New York. I can't wait to see what he would do if it actually accumulated enough to make a snowman!

It has amazingly enough snowed twice in two weeks, the morning of my son's birthday and then again yesterday morning. I am now viewing snow in a different way...a cleansing way. As if God decides he needs to purify our lives from the hardships of being adults sometimes. Whenever I have felt myself over the past two weeks start to come undone with stress or pressure...God has given me snow! On my son's birthday morning, I was up at the crack of dawn heading to a prenatal specialist appointment for my other son that is on his way. We had done a procedure the previous afternoon and I was nervous that we were not going to have favorable results...but we did and I relaxed and enjoyed my son's birthday as I had prayed I would be able to. We were scheduled to have our little baby's surgery to help him out on Friday afternoon, but were unable to do so when the doctor called saying he was too short of staff and needed a room full to monitor both the baby and myself. I was very frustrated at even having to wait another 48hours, but at the sight of snow Saturday morning...I knew all things would be alright. God was giving me a wonderful opportunity to create memories with my son that is here with me now before I am restricted to bedrest. And I greatly appreciate the chance!

Back in high school, I was part of the church choir. This morning while in the shower I was reminded of verse of one of the songs we used to sing (we even made a cd to sale for a fundraiser for the church!). It said "by Your blood, I am made whiter than snow". Thank you God for wiping away my most stubborn doubts with a delicate snowflake.

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