Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I can't help it...

Really...it's not my fault. (man, flash back to Harrison Ford in Star Wars - I've watched those movies WAY too much!) Every day, even when I'm not pregnant, I have a salad. It is just my food of choice. A large salad for lunch with meat and all the "fixins" like cheese, bell pepper, onions, carrots, almond silvers...really...I could keep going. Or just a small side salad either paired with a meal or as a snack. I NEED my daily salad. Most days, I even have two, because I think they are just that good.
We ran out of salad on Saturday night. Since we were heading to the zoo the following afternoon, I knew I'd be able to get one there for a light dinner, and I did! So Monday, yesterday, rolls around and we don't have salad in the house. No biggie though. We are off to the doctor for a fluid tap, and I don't like lunch on my stomach since the pressure is intense when they draw out the fluid. I usually eat a big breakfast and just snack or peanut crackers or a poptart in the car going down. But once we got back...I wanted a salad! Of course I'm not allowed to drive...I'm technically not allowed to even sit at more than a 30 degree angle for the first 24 hours...so I have to rely on my husband.
He is a great guy that does SO much for me especially since I'm the wife that should be doing for him! But being the mom, I always put myself last in the family (I think that is something all mothers are guilty of). When we cook dinner and realize that there is just not enough pasta to give everyone a full serving, it's our serving that we cut back on. If our child is showing the tell-tell signs of sickness, but we already have lunch plans...we cancel them to take care of them instead of getting out of the house. Those simple things and such. Well, Ian was going to run up to the store and grab me some salad, but it was time to feed William dinner. I wasn't able to sit at the table and feed him, so Ian had to do it. I told him to take care of our son first and not worry about me.
Well, once you feed him, walk the dog, get William in the bath, brush hair, brush teeth, nuggle, and hide dinosaurs (don't ask...it's just a tradition at our house)...it's pretty late. I want Ian to sit down and rest before he heads out to get me stuff. Then we make our routine calls to everyone to tell them about the appointment and how little Matthew is doing. It is now almost 10pm. I tell him don't worry about it. I don't want him going out and bothering with it now. I probably won't eat one this late anyway...especially since he was going to get milk, cranberry juice and toilet paper too since we are running low on all of those. It would be 10:30 -11pm before he even made it home. (Why are hubbies so much SLOWER at the grocery store by the way?)
Well, Ian decided he wanted to hit up Wendy's for a frosty and guess what...he brought me a side salad. And it was GOOD!


Randi Jo :) said...

yummy! :) i love salads too. hope you're doing great

Anonymous said...

I get random cravings for pizza and ice cream. Hubby says "If you ever get pregnant again, we'll never know because you have weird cravings all the time anyway." :-)

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