Saturday, May 17, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

Didn't think I'd go a weekend without a snapshot did ya? ;) Well, first I have to give a shout out...I'm HOME!!! I got home yesterday afternoon and spent a glorious and refreshing night sleeping in MY bed for the first time since Monday night! Felt SO good...would have felt better if I wasn't hurting, but we can't have everything in life and I'm just grateful to be with my husband and son again!
But alas, I digress (as I usually do)...on with the snapshot. Now, I'm kind of cheating on this one since all of my photos on the computer in the office downstairs along with the scanner, so I got this from photobucket. And it is just a picture of bubbles. Yep, free floating water bubbles...not even the pretty, multi-colored, childish, soapy bubbles. The plain jane, clear as water, water bubbles like you would see coming out of an aquarium filter. But these bubbles were SO precious to me on Friday when I saw bubbles entering my womb to give Matthew a freedom of movement and a better chance of lung development. (Which he is fully taking advantage of both with sommersaults and hiccups!)
Some people ask me what it feels like to be infused...well to be feels mighty uncomfortable! When you go from something the size of a softball to a watermelon in 30 minutes, the stretching and pulling hurts. The pressure and fullness I guess feels like you just ate three Thanksgiving meals in ten minutes time only to be told...there are no more Tums or Gas-X left in the house! NO! And let's just say that unbuttoning your top button on your pants just doesn't cut it! The gush of fluid into a dry environment can be likened to an uncomfortable tickle. Like ants creepy up your leg or that feeling you get down your back if someone scratches their nails on a chalkboard (if that even effects honestly doesn't do a thing to me). But after a few seconds it goes away and you just start feel the fullness until it seems you can't expand anymore like a water balloon that is being tested to it's limits. The most uncomfortable part is of course the needle and tube insertion. The needle stick, I used to liken to an ant biggee what so ever, but now my stomach is so sore and bruised, these small needle sticks are feeling more like an attack from an angry wasp. The tube insertion is more pressure than pain I guess, I can feel the pop everytime it goes in further to get to another layer of muscle, but since the opening is already made with the just feels like you are kidding yourself that you can really fit your head through that turtleneck and keep pulling. It's uncomfortable but not painful like I said. This infusion took the longest of any of the others, mainly because I was dry, but also because the doc had to go "searching" for a good area. Now the "searching" HURTS! It feels like a burning, ripping sensation...which it kind of is since he is separating the amniotic sac from my uterus. Usually this doesn't last long, but it went on for nearly 8 minutes this time around. My body was drenched in sweat by the time it was over! But the minute he found a possible place, a big smile just sweeps over you and you feel NO pain! With the needle and tubing in for 30 minutes or longer, that starts getting more sore around the "poke" site. It's been two days, and it's still sore to touch today, but I know every day will be better. And I'm sure when I go back on Tuesday for a fluid tap and more needles I will have had to morning to rest in relative comfort.
But like I said, the bubbles are the BEST! And Matthew really liked them as well. He had his own little jacuzzi jets at this feet. The minute that fluid started pouring in (all 750cc's)he started kicking furiously! It was just like someone turned on the radio and he just could resist getting up and dancing. We were all laughing (though I was trying not to since I still had a huge needle going through my stomach). Several times he kicked too recklessly that he would stab his own little feet on the infusion needle! We'll have to make sure little Matthew has one of those crib aquarium toys. I think he'll like the bubbles. :)


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Elizabeth said...

I am SO glad you're home!! Got your latest note and am about halfway through a reply. May not finish it tonight though, may have to click send in the morning. Talk to you soon!

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