Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One for the momma's out there!

Oh, we've all had one of THOSE days haven't we? When your child is up all night with a stuffy nose, TOO tired to nap (I still don't get that!), just all sorts of whiney and cranky, hubby comes home late from work and the pet of your choice just threw up on the couch or carpet...whichever stains easier! Luckily those days only come around twice a year around here, but they seem to last an eternity! I know I'm pushing my luck with this, but we haven't had any bad days yet this year...at least not with the one that is already out. I think God knows we have our hands full with the one that is still baking and has decided to cut us some slack. :)

But I've been thinking...all mother's go through days like this. Our mothers did, their mothers did...all the way back to the Bible even. And one mother's mountain is another's molehill and vice versa. Different things set each other off. Some women are anxiously charting temps and counting days in hopes that THIS time they will get that big fat positive line they have been hoping for. Others are dealing with tough choices when a big fat positive comes up unexpectedly. But all of us are dealing with something out there. All of us have our own trials to face.

Imagine the heartbreak Jochebed (not sure if I'm spelling that right) felt when she was told that Pharoah ordered all newborn sons to be thrown into the Nile. But her trust in God saved her little son, Moses, and he was able to carry out his purpose and free God's people. Sarah had to endure the tragedy of infertility (no clomid back then guys). But through her constant faith in the Lord, she was rewarded with Issac. Her trial showed her nothing was impossible if you kept your faith. And just try to imagine the great responsibility Mary felt when she gave birth to the salvation of men. The daily fear and worry she must have endured knowing what He had to do in His life.

Most moms feel they don't do enough for their children and yes, we can always do more...but dont' overlook what you do do for them. God doesn't. He sees it all and rewards you for it. Everytime you cut the crust off that PB&J sandwhich or take them to the dentist (kicking and screaming) it means more than you or your children realize. You don't have to be SuperMom, with the boots and cape. You just need an extra Kleenex and a juice box in hand, and a heart full of gratitude to God.


Elizabeth said...

This day started out pretty rough. But it got better in the end, somehow my house became the place to be in the neighborhood this afternoon. We had 13 kids in our backyard! That was fun! Now the chance to sit down and read your post is just the icing on the cake. God got my attention with it, as if it were written just for me. Thank you!

carebear said...

I am so happy you were able to enjoy the day. It was beautiful here too. Lots of time out on our deck with the sand and water table.
This post was written for anyone that is enduring anything troubling...so that means...everyone! I'm glad it spoke to you though. :)

Randi Jo :) said...

great great post CareBear !:) I will save this entry to my favorites to come back to it when I want !:) love ya

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