Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is it just me loosing my mind?

I have my very own bedtime ritual every night. I brush my teeth, pee, take my prenatal vitamin, pee again (hey...I am pregnant), jump under the covers, take my hubby's hand and we pray together. The minute the lights go out, my body pops into the upright position....DID I take my vitamin. I inevitabley have to get back out of bed and look. This happens every night now. I'm hoping it's just a pregnancy/so much on my mind type thing...but I'm not counting on it.
At my "normal" OB appointment this morning (glucose test...blech!) my doctor asked me for an update on all the stuff going on with my perinatal doctor. He asked how many taps they had done since the last shunt placement. I blanked! I sat there...just staring. He smiled...I think he saw smoke was coming out of my ears. I finally flung my shirt up and counted "holes" and was able to tell him three.
Sometimes I even find myself heading down the hallway only to stop in midstep...what was I doing? Was I going to get a book or relieve my bladder? My bladder ALWAYS needs relieving so that's a pretty good bet...but was there something more?? I end up having to back track to wherever I was in the house (the couch as it has been most recently) and I retrace my thoughts. That usually helps, but sometimes...whatever it was just leaves me!
I call my husband my son's name and my son the dog's name. I have to re-read a paragraph twice (or more) sometimes when I'm relaxing with a book, sheerly because I wasn't really paying attention. I will call only to say "I'll call you back...I have NO idea what I wanted to talk about".
BUT...I can recite the theme song to all of the Disney cartoons my son watches. I can recall William's birth from water break to the toe curling first session of breastfeeding. I can even tell you names and jersey numbers of Georgia Tech's 1990 National Championship team! So I do have a's just taking a LOT of vacations at the moment! :)

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Elizabeth said...

I inherited my mother's weakness of forgetting which kid she was yelling at and just blurting out all three. Then it was LaurieAshleyLily!!! When they hear ClaireChandlerKatie they all come running because SOMEBODY is about to get it, and if it's not them, the other two wanna watch!

Sorry I've been incognito for a day or so. I'm back to being active again.

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