Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday 13 #5 Seeing Red

Thirteen Things about the color red.
I was reading the Atlanta Journal and Constitution (AJC) last night while unwinding from my stressful and tiring day of sitting (dripping sarcasm as I type), when I read that the college polling system was already publishing rankings for this year. Being an avid Georgia Tech fan, I always have I hopes of a high placement. Since it is a rebuilding year for us (new coaching staff)...I wasn't expecting it. But I also wasn't expecting who they were predicting to go number one in the nation...UGA *cough...over-rated...cough* . Anyway, in showing my good sportsmanship, I decided to list 13 items that are red that I do like every day of the year. And of course, Go Jackets! Sting those puppies!
1. cherries - they are so pretty to me. I love outfits with cherries on summery.
2. ladybugs - afterall, it is said that if a lady bug lands on you, you will have good luck.
3. red strappy sandals - I prefer sandals to pumps, especially in the summer, and there is just something about them that make me feel sexy. :)
4. red nail polish- but I only like it on my requires too much maintenance on your fingers.
5. red meat- though I'm more partial to it when it is brown and fully cooked, but nothing hits the spot like a great big burger sometimes.
6. Tulips- my favorite flower. Most people prefer their roses to be red, but actually I like the peaches and yellows best for roses.
7. Fire truck- you never appreciate them until you've called them to come to your house, but everytime I see them on the road...I say a quick prayer for their safety.
8. Christmas paper- I'm much more of a "green girl", but I love how red and green compliment each other so perfectly for gift wrap.
9. Cardinals- not the baseball team (remember I'm into college sports) but the bird. Cardinals are such a striking sight of beauty against a grey/stark winter backdrop.
10. jelly beans - the red are my favorite!
11. oxygenated blood - weird maybe, but I find the color of blood to be a beautiful hue actually. Not the blue or purple blood (depending on if it has been to your lungs or not already) that is in your body, but the pin prick induced drop of blood on your finger. It hurts (literally) to look at it sometimes though. ;)
12. Holly berries- one of the reasons I had a winter wedding. I wanted Holly in my wedding bouquet.
13. red sunsets-'s not a true red, but it's a vision to behold.
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Elizabeth said...

They're calling for UGA to be #1 this fall? Whoa...

We may just have to not talk to each other on Saturdays in the fall. :-)

I don't have a personal connection to the university, but like I said a lot of my family was from that area and all my great uncles became Dawgs on the GI Bill. Ever after it was just the place to go.

Still though, there are many more Jackets than Dawgs in the Navy. Because it's an engineering school, maybe? So I still know all the U(sic)GA, UGAg, and "the cesspool of the South" ending to their fight song. :-)

carebear said...

My dad went to Tech. He's a civil engineer. Football games were always our daddy/daughter bonding. I've been going to games since 1984...but wasn't allowed to go to the GA/GA Tech games until I was ten. My dad didn't want me around the language. :)
My maid of honor was a GA grad and huge fan...we just didn't talk Thanksgiving weekend, but wished each other well throughout the rest of the season. We'll have to do the same! :)

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