Friday, May 23, 2008

It's definitely summer time!

Yes, Memorial day weekend is here...but that doesn't necessarily mean summer. My parents' neighborhood pool has been open for two weeks now. The mosquitos have been out MUCH longer than that! The sound of lawn mowers fill your ears anytime between 9am -11am and again 7pm -9pm on Saturdays. Georgians have learned NOT to mow the lawn any time between the's just too hot and a paramedic will have to be called to hydrate your overheated melted body. Hey, we're not Hot-lanta for nothing guys!!
But another (more fun) reason I know it is summer time are the blackberries that are ripening in our backyard. The muscadine vines are winding up the double trellis we set up for them. The honeysuckle and the gardenias just fill the air with the sweetests of scents when you walk out the front and back doors.
We've all gotten out swimsuits (well, everyone but me...I'll wave from the lounge chair this year) and our special sunscreens. One for William's baby skin that won't sting his eyes if he rubs his hands in them. One for Ian and his sensitive, Scottish skin (certain deodorants make him break out in a rash even). His "white-ness" needs a high spf! And then me...the "normal" one out of the group with just a standard sunscreen. But honestly, I used sunscreen on my face everyday of the year, just an spf 15 though. I'm as big of a sunscreen girl as I am a sunshine girl. Tan maybe be in, but leather only looks good in a jacket. ;)
So happy summer is here. Especially this summer. Especially this June...when I get to meet my little trouble maker. So much for getting to 34 weeks. Oh well, I'll be happy to see him whenever they say it's time. Even though there will be lots of ups and downs in the roller coaster ride of the NICU, this will be the best summer yet!

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