Sunday, May 11, 2008

Snap shot Sunday


My precious little William. This was a few weeks before he turned one last February. This is one of the few shots you will see of him on here...I just have a thing about putting my kid's pictures out for public viewing. Too many horror stories out there! But there he absolute angel...until he wakes up! Then he's a holy terror. Ha!
William surprised me with breakfast, a card and my presents in bed this morning. I got two wall sconces, two votive holders, 4 candles (one for each of course) and little framed painting. This will all go in my bathroom where the garden tub is create my "relaxation oasis". I'm gonna need it with two little boys! And William was so precious this morning...running in at top speed shouting "happy mudder's day mommy". Just melts your heart. Sigh. I love being a mommy!
Happy "mudder's" day to all of ya'll too! :)

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Happy Mother's Day!

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